Chromosomal Abnormality Screening

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Double marker test result

Free beta hcg-.52 MOM-0.39 PAPPA-A-1.10 MOM-0.39 Trisomy 21(down)-1:250 Trisomy 18/13-1:100 Gestational age sample is 13+6 Chk the attachment for more detail

Its regarding a Beta Thalessemia pateint

I need to know the future problem a beta thalassemia patient will face and the severity of it. Kindly help me

Consanguineous Marriages

Is marrying first cousin is harmful to children and I also want to notice that this is the 2nd generation in our family if I marry my maternal auncle's daughter.

What age does the height growth stop?

Hello doctor, I'm a 17 year old kid (very much concerned with height) I'm just 5.3 and am kind of short as compared to my age boys. My dad is 5.6 and my mom's is roughly 5.1- 5.2.. does this mean that my genetic height is limited as my my parents or will my height grow even more?

Childbirth hereditary

Hey I received proposal from a guy whose parents are deaf His father having 3 brother n 1 sister 1 uncle is deaf 3 number means the boys father also deaf.remaining are normal. The first uncle having 3 children 2 girls n 1 boy now the boy is deaf but sisters are ok.the boy who is deaf his child can speak....the other uncles children can speak well the boy whose proposal I received also I want to is deaf can come in hereditary or not? I like the guy very much but m confused what should I do? Please answer