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Depreesion,anger and insomnia

From 6 month i am in depression due to some family problem and i often have sleepless night  which result in anger and mood off sometimes i argue and have quarrel with my family on small things and always feel unsecure and scared having tough time with my mental issue plzz help with some medication

Mental condition

Feeling imbalance when walking or sitting.sometimes I fall on the ground. My blood pressure is 140/96.

Memory loss, acting weird, no emotion

I have an aunt who lives alone and works i n a reputed government defence organisation. She's single. For a past few days she's forgetful, sometimes forgetting to take bath or wear proper dress. She's lost all emotional attachment to any of her friends and especially me. She sometimes says she's married and has to take care of her kids. She also starts singing loud in the middle of her office.


Hello doctors , One of my friend is destroing his life after joining brahmakumari .. he left the job and even he dont want his wife children parent around him . Is any brainwash has been done ? And is any cure is there .. because even he dont want counseling ... He dont like any body talking to him . Please suggest something.

Tell me the symptoms of bipolar disorder

Tell me the symptoms of bipolar disorder. I have diagnosed biopolar disorder. First i was diagnosed psychosis