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Emotional distress

I have been suffering from emotional problems. Recently had a laproscopy and my boyfriend was there to support me through all of it. But he is not able to forget that doctors saw me naked he somehow feels cheated. He hates scars. We are having problem getting intimate. I said sorry I tried talking to him it helps for some time then we are right back where we where before. I love him and he loves me too. Please help me solve this problem

Going to the doctor alone

Is their a certain age I could go to the doctor without my parents concent and what do they have the right to know and not know

Don't know what exactly that, please sug

I am getting panic while trying to sleep, not able to sleep sometime, getting weird feeling on chest, chest pain for some time, getting negative thoughts of heart problems, negative thinking and thoughts, I do 3 or 4 days a weak exercise, do jogging. But not get these issue during that. Please suggest what's that. I am 28.

Alcoholism- How to Safely Withdraw

I am a male in my early 20's, and have recently realized I drink to much alcohol. Generally I will drink a 6-pack of beer (7% ABV) per day, or more. I want to quit drinking. I don't think I am very psychologically dependant, but I experience physical withdrawal symptoms when I try to quit. Namely, my symptoms are: 1) Shaking hands 2) Anxiety Is it safe for me to quit alcohol and withdraw? Or should I seek a medical professional for medication?

Enger treatment

Her enger. Sometimes she want to cry. Negative thoughts. Sometimes she want to hurt herself. Or maybe other person.