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I donno if i am depressed or noft

I feel like crying all the times..i see no hopes of living this life..i cant find any reason to be happy about..

What type of therapy should i do/why

Had a nervous breakdown, was mean to mom before she died unexpectedly(feel guilty),had a difficult child birth but returned to stressful job couple months later.have no emotional awareness bc ive suppressed my emotions for so long. put pressure on myself to be perfect. i get rashes backpain tearfulness emotionally instability restless sad and guilty. never been to therapy and am very private.dont have to work atm and can focus on getting better. should i do psychodynamic,CBT,humanistic why?


I can't talk with people. I have lost control over my thoughts and behavior as well. Negative thoughts bombard my brain every night and morning. Its never been like this before. I have taken a drug called MDMA 6 months back at that time I think I became paranoid and that still I think is in my brain. Moreover a lot of suicidal thoughts come to my brain day after day and I have even went to try suicide but the fear of death and the love of family stopped me. Please help me doctor.

Difficulty with work

I have a very difficult time staying on task, focusing and getting jobs completed. I have had this since childhood and in school I excelled by taking a large amount of notes to stay on task, I can't do that in the "real world." Any suggestions as to what I can do??? I am willing to try just about anything, including alternative therapies, non-medicated/medicated trials, etc... Please offer any advice you may have! Thanks for your time, I am truly grateful!! Have a wonderful day/week!!!

Possible mental disorder

Since I was younger, I can't stand things that move, like I would be thinking that something is moving, (even if it's not) and it makes me feel really uncomfortable, I can't stand it, it drives me mad, I'm currently 16 years old.