Anti Doping Counselling in Sports

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Cracked skin is green

I woke up and my skin on my genitals was cracked. I thought it would go away but I woke up the next morning and it spread to my pubic hair area.

Body weight problem

Sir i am 18th year old and my weight is67kg . Am i fit my height is 5.11inch but i want to raise up my weight so please give me some tipps

Small breast problem

Dr payal V Shah if you don't mind I want to ask if I consult a doctor like you will you solve my problem of small breast and in minimum how much time?

Excercise after c sec delivery

I have delivered through c sec in march . When can I start excercises after c sec delivery.  1 Is it ok to do skipping in 5th month after c sec?? 2.what type of exercises I have to do?

Catch lifted 64 kegs

Lifted up 64 kg weight and there was sudden catch taking physiotherapist treatment since 1 week but Left side rib down side pain. And Stomach down side abdomen left side and backside also still pains . Stomach n ribs left side burning doctor saying it will reduce but still not

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Health First, Medals Later

"There is a lot more to playing sports than simply winning."Encourage your child to play the sport he/she enjoysRecently, a father came to me with his eight-year-old son. He wanted his child to become a future world champion in badminton. He wanted me to assess and then address ...

Stair Exercise

Stairs around our house offer an excellent means of cardio, strength & endurance exercise. Climb stairs & improve fitness. It is also good for Knees. Each floor has about 18-20 steps. If you are breathless while climbing, take recovery for about a min or more at each floor. It is better ...

Cracking the Core for Runners

Want to run and stay injury-free? Then make sure you pencil in some of these exercises that will help build your ‘core’.Photo: Wall squats: Stretches the lower back musclesRunning is the most basic form of physical activity. It is ingrained in us. As toddlers, ...

Putting the Spring Back in Your Spine

Everything you need to unlearn about sitting down and leaning back in your chairAlmost half our lives are spent sitting. A poor sitting posture can put more strain on your spine than lifting heavy weights. It is, therefore, important to understand the right way to sit, especially if you are ...

Last - Minute Marathon Advice

Registered for a marathon, but haven’t trained enough for it? Don’t sweat.Your plan should be to walk-run-walk the entire distance, and focus on breathing. If you plan to take part but are not sure how to tackle these last few days, some of the points mentioned here can help you ...