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Repeated Vomiting

My son is 4.5years old. He is keep on vomiting since last night. He vomited for about 3-4 times since last night . What food intake can he have. He had tender coconut watet just few minutes back.

Child weight and height development

My 11 month baby boy looks lean .as a mother it hurts seeing him lyk this I give him all nutritious food and he is exclusively breastfed.he weighs around 7.8 kgs and stands 61 cm .his birth weight 3.1kg.he s very active and his head circumference is 42cm

12 weeks old baby no poop for 2 days

My lo 12 weeks old is on breast milk and formula. He takes around 200 ml of bm per day and pro nan excella as well. He was pooping once every night for the past one month. For the past 2 days he did not pass motion. Gave him raisin water in the evening and also tried cycling and stomach massage. Can I wait or should i take him to the doctor?

Ibuprofen given by mistake

1 year old son had viral cold n fever since saturday. Today no fever but by mistake i gave 3ml ibuprofen instead of cough medicine. Will it have any side effect?

Infant poop frequency

My baby is turning 6 months on 16th aug. For past 2-3 days she is passing stools at least 5-6 times in a day. Earlier it was 2-3. At times its green in colour. She gets expressed breast milk and last week I started giving her rice water. Kindly advise

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9 Things Doctors Wish Parents Knew About Vaccines

 Few topics provoke as much passionate debate as vaccination. Online communities,real-life playgrounds and pediatricians’ offices are full of vaccine advocates, staunch “anti-vaxxers,” and plenty of parents who aren’t sure what to think or whom to believe. Ever wonder what your ...

Loose Motions in Children: Dos and Donts

Diarrhoea or loose motions are not only an uncomfortable and physically tiring but can also affect the human body to a great extent. And it’s more difficult when your children are suffering from it. Loose motions, as it is called, not only means repeated trips to the toilet but are a reason ...

Constipation in Children

Sure, the ten minutes of extra sleep in the morning means more than anything. But if that’s at the cost of skipping your breakfast, you need to think again. Medical and nutrition expert agree to the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why? Let’s see:It’s ...

5 Things You Need to Take Care of During the Rainy Season

Monsoon has arrived in Delhi and as much as it is a matter to rejoice, it is a matter of concern with regards to our health. The rains has bought in some relief from the heat waves and washed out the dust from the environment but can bring in many diseases if not cared for properly.So, ...

6 Common Asthma Triggers You Must Know About

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory lung disease that can cause bronchospasm and difficulty in breathing.  It can significantly compromise the quality of life to a significant extent and affect productivity. Here are some common triggers that can be avoided to control asthma in children and ...

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