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Child prefer purée food at 2 yr of age

My child doesn't chew at all n prefer on purée food .. he is 2 yr old..even dal rice also I have to purée.. tried so many times different texture food but all the time he gag n vomits

Constant cold

Ya he is nt feeding well. His current weight is 6.3 and he is 7 months old. He is getting treated in narayani hos in banglore. They did echo test they said like its large vsd he need to be operated. As he s suffering from frequent cold surgery is geeting delayed. And one more thing TEF surgery had done to him after second day of birth. That sugery had done in cmc vellore.that tym we came to konw DAT he has vsd prbolm. They have told like because of vsd prblm he is nt gaining weight.

Best Coconut oil for baby

Hi doctor, My baby is 1 and half month old. I heard coconut oil is good for baby massaging before bath. Please suggest good brand of coconut oil that is safe for baby skin?

Baby feel difficult to drink milk

How safe t.junior larzol 15mg with 1/4th dosage a day for 21 days baby and what for it is used ???

Growth problem

My child is now completed 4 months but he has turned upside down nor movie forward, he is not doing great in weight, he is under breastfeed, is it OK to start solid food from now.

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Best Child Specialist Clinic

Are You Looking For Best and Experienced Doctor For Your New Born Baby or Child Near By Your Area ??? Come to Dr Neha Bansal , who Has Clinic in Rohini .Pediatrics is the branch of medicine that involves the medical care of infants, children, and … Specialist, Pediatrician, Our child ...

Congratulations to the Nicu Nursery Team of Bansal Global Hospital

The entire team of Bansal Global Hospital congratulates the NICU nursery team for the commendable expertise they have shown towards a very delicate case recently.A new born baby was admitted into the hospital for difficulty of breathing. The cause was identified to be arising out of a ...

Health Precautions to Take While Sending Your Child to Nursery or Play Way Schools

It’s easier to take care of your child’s health when they are 24×7 with you. As you can monitor everything about their hygiene and eating habits, you are at peace. But once they start going out, it’s a constant battle within your mind on how to make sure that your child is safe from germs ...

Useful Tips on Soothing Fussy Babies

Motherhood is amazing in so many ways. But for new mothers it can be really challenging at times. Especially for the mother who lives in nuclear families, it’s super tough to manage a young baby when he or she makes a lot of fuss.At times, it’s difficult to know the reason behind the ...

5 Things You Must See in Your Child Specialist

Your child is precious. And care for all precious things and people do not come just like that. There is always a pre-planned and smartly thought of an idea to do it perfectly. And when it comes to your child’s health, you just cannot compromise.So, what’s the first thing you need to ...

Dr. Sathyanarayana R - Pediatrician
Dr. Sathyanarayana R Pediatrician (MBBS, MD - Pediatrics) 39 years experience Dr. Sathyanarayana Clinic
484 recommendations Indiranagar, Bangalore INR 400
Dr. Varsha Saxena - Pediatrician
Dr. Varsha Saxena Pediatrician (MBBS, MD - Pediatrics) 22 years experience Anexas Clinic
708 recommendations HSR Layout, Bangalore INR 400
Dr. Jagadish Chinnappa - Pediatrician
Dr. Jagadish Chinnappa Pediatrician (MBBS, MD - Pediatrics) 37 years experience Child Central Clinic
203 recommendations Koramangala, Bangalore INR 750
Dr. Tejaswini Nayak - Pediatrician
Dr. Tejaswini Nayak Pediatrician (MBBS, DNB - Paediatrics, Diploma in Child Health (DCH)) 19 years experience Chinmayi Child Care Clinic
274 recommendations Bellandur, Bangalore INR 500
Dr. Sumeeta Nagaraj - Pediatrician
Dr. Sumeeta Nagaraj Pediatrician (DNB - Paediatrics, MBBS) 17 years experience The Children's Clinic
3162 recommendations Marathahalli, Bangalore INR 400