Treatment of Central Nervous System Tumors

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Stomach pain

I m 23 yrs unmarried female... My CA 125 is 21.90.. and there is a cyst in my right ovary of 5.5 cm..and minimal free fluid in pelvis..Is it necessary to remove cyst with surgery..or can shrink with medicine.. and is it cancer or my CA 125 test is 21.90.. Plz help me..

Complex overian cyst

I have been dignosed with complex overian cyst of 8.3 cm 4.3 cm. i have been advised surgery. but i dont want surgery. can i treat this with medicibe?

Cancer and Ulcers

I am having chest pain, body pain and throat pain since past few days. I even have developed multiple ulcers on my tongue and my tooth is decaying. I am smoking hard for past 5 years. My whole body pains a lot everytime and pain in my joints are not healing for months. Am I suffering from Cancer?

Enucleation of the right eye (no cancer

My father had three Tumors in the right eye. and our doctor suspected of Choroidal metastasis, then we made all the test required as what he suggest ( MRI Scan , PET Scan , CT Scan ) and no Primary Tumor in the hole body .. then we return to the Same doctor again with all the result .. and he make ( Fine Needle aspiration cytology from the eye Tumor ) and the result was no bad Cancer. then after 3 weeks we returned to him and found that the tumor enlarge ,

Completel bloud count query

Does a CBC detect lymphoma. I have all my levels from the test and they are all normal and healthy. Been worried about lymphoma and was wondering if this would be detected, even in lymphocyte count.

Dr. B.K.M Reddy - Oncologist
Dr. B.K.M Reddy Oncologist (MD - Radiotherapy, FICRO) 37 years experience Apollo Hospital
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Dr. Anil Kumar M R Oncologist (MBBS, MD - Radiotherapy) 9 years experience MACS Clinic
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Dr. Uday Kumar Maiya M - Oncologist
Dr. Uday Kumar Maiya M Oncologist (MBBS, MD - Radiotherapy, DNB - Radiotherapy, Diploma in Head and Neck Cancer) 32 years experience The Bangalore Hospital
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Dr. Premitha - Oncologist
Dr. Premitha Oncologist (MBBS, DNB - Radiotherapy, Diploma in Radio Therapy) 13 years experience Telerad RxDx - Healthcare Pvt Ltd
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Dr. Mathangi J - Oncologist
Dr. Mathangi J Oncologist (MBBS, Diploma in Radio Therapy, DNB (Rad Onc)) BGS Global Hospital
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