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Fear,lack of concentration and focus ,

My name Is parth and I am 24 year old last year I feel sad and lack of concentration and lack of focus during my study so I went to psychiatrist he told me about depression it is and give me antidepressant(escitalopram 10mg) after a 3 months he reduce dosage and gradually stop it. But after a 2-3 months I started same feeling so again I started antidepressant(escitalopram 10mg)...but now I want to move with homeopathy and Ayurveda medicine what can I do ? which is best between Ayur

Ashwagandha tablet doses

I have bought himalaya ashwagandha tablet. Im confused about its dosase. I would like to know how to take the tablet and for how much duration for the health benefits.


I am taking 1 ashwagandha tablets 250 mg after dinner but I am feeling sleepy during daytime I have just took 1 dosage is there any issue with it ?

Tonic to enhance

Suggest Ayurvedic medicine to improve children memory and concentration in children of 7 yrs.

Periods cycle

I was taking ginette 35 for 6 months now I have stopped ; what will be my period cycle..when i was on tablets my cycle used to be of 25 days.. my last period was on 2nd nov