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Burning sensation and pain in the thigh

Sir. My father has a complaints of burning sensation and pain in only lateral side of thigh even when he is relaxing and aggravates when he is standing for a long time .we wanted to have a consultation with u but wanted to come to u with the reports .we r getting complete health check-up for dad my question is is there and specific investigation we have to get done before meeting you. .

Swelling in left index finger

Two months ago i got hurt in the middle of my left index finger.the next day it got swellen so i went to hospital and saw an orthopedic doctor,he suggest me to x-ray the result came that there is no crack just mild soft tissue edema around proximal phalalnx and doctor gave spint to wear and gave some medicine but it doesnt worked.

Mild pain on right side of head

I am experiencing a mild pain on one side of head from 15 days.The pain is constant throughout the day what might be the problem

Worried of face numbness

Feels like someone punched me in the face eyeball face numb right side at times and hard time concentrating just woke up feels like somebody's sucker punch me in the face eyeball feels liknnne somebody just squeezing it it hurts and it Waters a lot I'm really concerned about my well-being it's like the problem is your brain and nerves mental health ear nose and throat right side teeth hurt

Diffuse bulge of L2-3 disc

Diffuse bulge of L2-3 disc with right paracentral protrusion, compressing right L3 nerve root. Diffuse bulge of L3-4 disc causing mild narrowing of bilateral L3 inferior neural foramina. Mild generalised arthropathy. This is the MRI report for my father. Do we need surgery here or can be cured using medication. He is having frequent back pain and pain in legs.

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Neurology and Sleep Centre-Offering Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

Greetings From Neurology and Sleep Centre We all are aware that High Blood Pressure ( HYPERTENSION) is associated with sever side effects, example: Stroke, Heart attack. Heart failure,Blood clot,  Kidney disease, Metabolic syndrome, Cognitive and memory problems.These are increased if the ...

How to Approach a Child With Seizure?

Generalised convulsive status epilepticus is defined as a generalized convulsion lasting 30 minutes or longer or when successive convulsions occur so frequently over a 30-minute period that the patient does not recover consciousness between them. However, it is difficult to get the ...

Exercise for Sound Sleep and an Ageless Mind

#Obesity and lack of exercise and  are major health issues all over the globe. In India too, exercises do not usually come up in daily routine for most people . Exercises can have a lot of benefits to help us lead a long  healthy life – preventing and managing many chronic illnesses ...

Seizures: (Names – Fits, Convulsions)

Seizures are situations where there is a brief alteration in motor, sensory, autonomic or behaviour function.It could be due to various causes.Causes:Anoxic – lack of oxygen, Syncope( Fainting)Cardiac – heart abnormalities causing lack of blood supply to brain.Febrile ...

Headache in Children: What to Look Out For

Headache is a common problem complained by children. I am going to give you some ideas of when to seek help.The primary fear for any parent is whether my child has a brain tumour. The good news is that it is extremely rare.What to look for:Headache in ...

Dr. Rajesh K N - Neurologist
Dr. Rajesh K N Neurologist (MBBS, MD - Medicine, DM - Neurology) 15 years experience People Tree Hospitals
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Dr. Ravishankar Reddy C. R. General Physician (MBBS, MD - General Medicine, DNB - Neurology) 25 years experience Marvel Hospital and Fertility Centre
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Dr. Sanjiv C C - Neurologist
Dr. Sanjiv C C Neurologist (MBBS, DM - Neurology) 27 years experience Celara Diagnostics
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Dr. R. Srinivasa - Neurologist
Dr. R. Srinivasa Neurologist (MBBS, M.D.(AIIMS), DM - Neurology, Fellowship in Electrophysiology) 41 years experience Srinivasa Neurologics
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Dr. Nithin Kumar .N - Neurologist
Dr. Nithin Kumar .N Neurologist (MBBS, MD - General Medicine, DM - Neurology, Observer in Epilepsy) 16 years experience Brainwaves Neurocare Diagnostics
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