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Can baby sleep on side

Hi my baby is 6 weeks old..she used to sleep on her back initially..but now she prefers sleeping on her side..is it okay to let her sleep on sides as she is having sound sleep ?

Voice related problem

I'm suffering from voice problem everyone told me that ur voice is like crying voice how to overcome this is this a problem

Headache for two days

My son was suffering from Chikungunya since last 25 days.He is 13.Last week he got severe cold and cough,stuffed nose.Noe two days before he complained of severe headache.I took him to his paeditrician and he gave brufen 400 sos.He is better but his headache is coming back not sharp but he is not comfortable.pls help

Ear drop to removeEar Wax

Hello Sir/Mam I am having wax inside my right ear since a long time. Due to which listening capacity of my right ear is slightly reduced as compared to my left ear. I have tried several ear drops but not getting any satisfactory result. So can you suggest any effective ear drop or any procedure which will help to move out the wax from my ear. You suggestion will be highly appreciated. Regards Chinmay


Only stammering in 2 years back started how stop and cure stammering and any medicines are not and which doctor is best cure or not

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10 Mantras for Responsive Parenting in 2017!

Hello Wonderful People!.......Happy New Year!! I wish all our children, parents and patrons the very Best of Health & Happiness in 2017 :-). New Year is synonymous with new beginnings. It is the time when we are willing to take up new challenges and bring in the change with ...

7 Useful Tips to Get Rid of Stammering

Stammering is a common condition which mostly has an unnoticed beginning in the childhood. Here are 7 tips to get rid of stammering...See a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) who understands and treats Stammering.Speak about your stammering to the people whom you converse ...

Role of a Speech Language Pathologist in Early Intervention!

What is Early Intervention?Early intervention is a system of coordinated services that promotes the child's age-appropriate growth and development and supports families of children who have developmental delays or disabilities during the critical early years (aged birth to six ...

Speech therapy....is More Than Speech?

Parents often come to a speech therapist expecting the Speech language Therapist (SLT) to work on speech, but of course just like how jellyfishes aren't really fishes and peanuts aren't nuts, a pediatric SLT does not work on "only" speech. They look at COMMUNICATION. Speech is the combination of ...

Why Medicines Will Not Cure Stammering?

There has been abundant research done on the cause and cure for stammering, a.k.a stuttering. The majority of the causes are psychological in nature, pointing to the stress level, shocks or anxiety related problems which are not medically obvious. Stammering is more of a behavioral problem, over ...

Mr. SLP Sanjay Kumar - Audiologist
Mr. SLP Sanjay Kumar Audiologist (BSc - Speech & Hearing, MSc- Speech Language Pathology) 14 years experience Sanjay Speech Hearing and Rehabilitation Center
367 recommendations Hebbal, Bangalore INR 900
Ms. Namrata Pai - Speech Therapist
Ms. Namrata Pai Speech Therapist (MSc in Speech and Hearing) 15 years experience Magpie Speech Language Intervention Services
174 recommendations JP Nagar 7 Phase, Bangalore INR 600
Ms. Radhika Poovayya - Speech Therapist
Ms. Radhika Poovayya Speech Therapist (MSc in Speech and Hearing, US Board Certified Behaviour Analyst) 31 years experience Cloudnine Hospital
73 recommendations Old Airport Road, Bangalore INR 1000
Dr. Preeja Balan (PhD) - Speech Therapist
Dr. Preeja Balan (PhD) Speech Therapist (PhD - Speech Language Pathology, MASLP) 20 years experience Octave Hearing and Speech Centre
323 recommendations Koramangala 3 Block, Bangalore INR 800
Ms. Aakanksha Chitnis  Gupte - Speech Therapist
Ms. Aakanksha Chitnis Gupte Speech Therapist (MASLP, BASLP) 5 years experience Tender Dental & Health Care
11 recommendations Kundalahalli, Bangalore INR 650