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I couldn't sleep at night without medicine also feel indigession after i take medicine heartburn loose motions etc

Sleeping Senceless

I am a Bank Employee, working from 3 years. I am having very tight sleep at night, But that is creating problem for my family. I am not in sense for waking up, if they need a help from me at night. I am feeling like if serious problem comes to my family I may not respond to that while sleeping. If they are disturbing me also I am not waking up but talking some rubbish and sleeping again. But I am not able to recall all those things what I have done at night. Deep sleep is very happy, But is this a sleeping disorder too..?? Any solution for this.?

Feequent naps

I frequently doze off while I am at work or in meetings, even when I travel via public transports I doze off. I am unable to control my sleep. Some night I sleep well still I feel sleepy during daytime, and some nights I am not able to sleep again sleepy next day.

Sleep disorder

When I wake up from sleep I see many blackspots near to bulb.Also I have excessive day time sleepiness.I cant concenteate in class because I feel sleepy.should I consult a doctor.

I am suffering from sleep disturbance.

I am suffering from persistent somnolence,nasal stiffness, snoring++,sleep disturbance,and I wanna get rid of these ,,kindly help me.