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Varicose veins

I have varicose veins on my scrotum. Im on warfarin for 16years Im now 44years old

Prostate operation advice

My father age is 68 year and today examine prostate of level 3 I.e.68cc(72gms) by ultrasound of bladder . Last month his ear operation was done , so we want to operate prostate in month of April18 Pls advice the severity of prostate , if it is in very serious state we can operate asap . Thanks Ajay dutt

Pressure sansation

From Wednesday,after I wee I get this pressure sansation and I still have to wee even though I’ve been and I’m wondering wether I could have a water infection

Pain below stomach

I've been detected with ovarian Cyst 2 months back, and its my 5th day of period with minimal bleeding but the pain is still persistent.

Constant utis

Hi, i am wondering what having a trace of blood and trace of leukocytes in your urine means along with large specific gravity and a trace of protein? Is this a uti? I constantly have traces of leukocytes in my urine also often with no nitrates. I get thrush a lot and constant utis.

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Kidney Disease Sufferers Doubled in India in 15 Years

New Delhi, Aug 19 (IANS) The number of Indians suffering from chronic kidney ailments has doubled in the past 15 years, and at present 17 in every hundred citizens suffer from some form of kidney disease, health experts have said.The experts noted that several Indian population-based studies in ...

Too Much Phosphorus Isa Serious Concern for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

Too Much Phosphorus IsA Serious Concern For Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Hyperphosphatemia is a condition commonly seenamong chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients, in which phosphate levels shoot upabnormally high. This can result from varying factors like increase inphosphate intake, ...

High Creatinine on Dialysis

Last week I met an anxious patient in my clinic. He was a young guy having end stage kidney disease (ESKD or ESRD) on regular 3 times per week hemodialysis. He exclaimed, "Doc I'm scared. Inspite of 3 times a week dialysis my creatinine levels have gone up from 6mg/dl (3 months ago) to ...

World Kidney Day (Wkd)

Why designate a day dedicated to the kidneys?Many people are currently not aware that their kidneys are damaged and they might find out too late. The need for dialysis or transplantation can be avoided if kidney diseases are detected early. Mental trauma and the need for excessive expenditure can ...

Be Water Wise for Healthy Kidneys

Keep your kidneys healthy by being “waterwise.” This means drinking the right amount of water for you. A common misconception is that everyone should drink eight glasses of water per day, but since everyone is different, daily water needs will vary by person. How much water you need is based ...

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