Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in Adolescence

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Stole passing it in greenish black

Hi Dr, My twin babies are passing stole freely but it is blackish green colour. It continues more than 3 days. Kindly help me on this please. Pls guide

Typhoid ???

What does typhoid blood test result O 1:40 mean for a 5 years old child. Please help.

Need nebulization as prescribed by Dr

For kid Need nebulization as prescribed by Doctor on 22nd July 2018 Sunday morning and evening in wakad area


My son is 20 months old, he have received typhoid conjugate vaccine typbar tcv in 13 month, now his doc is suggesting the booster dose in 5th year, so I need to know that is it ok to get booster dose in 5th year, coz everywhere I saw it's in 2nd year, plz help Thank u.

Worried about baby's health

After having lentils as a solid food my 7month old baby is having diarrhea..is it some kind of allergic reaction to lentils? M worried bcoz my baby used to say Papa mamma Baba..now she just stopped uttering those words...m just wondering is it bcoz of allergic reaction..plz suggest what to do?

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5 Reasons why your Child has a Stunted Growth

The lifestyle of the contemporary populace has changed drastically over the years. Though it certainly has its own benefits, it doesn’t come without a price paid. The current lifestyle of most urban families invites problems which were rarely seen in earlier days. One of them is the stunted ...

5 Must-Know Parenting Tips For Newborn Babies

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What Is Nipah Virus? Am I Safe?

Nipah Virus or NiV is a newly emerging virus which causes severe diseases in both humans and animals. The disease can be transmitted to humans from animals and therefore is dangerous and can be life-threatening if not detected or not cared for properly.The natural host of the virus is ...

Kids Diet Clinic at Bansal Global Hospital

How important is your child’s diet for their well being? There’s no scale as such but definitely it is one of the most vital things. Your kid’s diet decides how healthy he is and how fast and correctly his organs are developing. It is a direct reflection of his/her physical and mental well ...

5 Natural Ways to Prevent Malaria

The season which sees the most attacks of mosquitoes is here. And with it, comes the spell of malaria. Delhi is one of the most affected states by Malaria. There are many reasons which lead to this, but we will hold the discussion for some other time.Many people are apprehensive about ...

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