Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in Adolescence

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High fever and body pain with headache

My nephew has fever 102 and body pain as well. Plz suggest what should I do at this time in night...

Baby doing potty after given dose

After giving calcimax-p 2.5 ml and hovite -l drops 5drops and d-sol 1 ml in moring baby has done the potty 3 timed very llittle and one good one . In we are supose give same but not given same suggest what to do

Child prefer purée food at 2 yr of age

My child doesn't chew at all n prefer on purée food .. he is 2 yr old..even dal rice also I have to purée.. tried so many times different texture food but all the time he gag n vomits

Baby feeding

Hi, I have 3 months baby and I have exam which cannot be skipped so I have planned for giving Non one milk powder for 1 or 2 times on that particular day. Is that powder is advisable or can you suggest anything else which couldn't be harmful for my little one.

Suffering from Cold

My daughter is 3 years old.12 kg weight.i have maxtra 60ml syrup is there.how much dosage I should give her

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5 Danger Signs That Your Child Has Weak Eye-Sight

Most of the illnesses and health related problems are quite easy to detect in children as they show visible discomfort and complain of pain or other symptoms. But when we are talking of eyes, it isn’t that uncomplicated.As weak eyes rarely show symptoms like pain and easily detectable ...

Newborn Screening

Newborn blood spot screening3 drops of blood can prevent your baby from developing mental retardation!!This test identifies low thyroid status in your baby in addition to few other conditions which can cause problems later in life. Early treatment with ...

Congratulations to the Nicu Nursery Team of Bansal Global Hospital

The entire team of Bansal Global Hospital congratulates the NICU nursery team for the commendable expertise they have shown towards a very delicate case recently.A new born baby was admitted into the hospital for difficulty of breathing. The cause was identified to be arising out of a ...

All About Medication Doses for Children

Today, we will talk about medication doses in Children. According to me, a lot of cases go worse because of carelessness on the parents’ behalf when it comes to medication doses. Especially when it comes to children, medication doses matter a lot. Even a bit of extra enzymes and medicine doses ...

Danger Signs of Cough in Children

Cold and cough are very common in growing years of life. It may be due to change in weather, seasonal allergies etc that can thankfully be controlled easily. But sometimes cold and cough can be dangerous and may indicate serious illness. It is necessary to identify signs that indicate that the ...

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