Pityriasis Rosea

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Hair loss treatment

I am having severe hair loss and have lost half the hair volume.. Could you please suggest me any treatment or remedies.. or any best clinic

Heir falls propblem

M getting lose my heir and the heir falls problem having my wife i am 39, and my wife is 35

Sudden acne breakout on cheeks

Hey, I'm 21 years old, Female, from past 1-2 weeks I'm suffering from sudden acne breakout only on my cheeks and chin. I never get acne generally this was a real shocker for me, I also got my PCOD test done those are negative too. what could possibly be wrong?

Skin Allergy

Chronic skin blackening and itching, scales. I am guessing it is eczema.kindly suggest the medicine.

Ringworm skin icching ,burning

From 6 months to I am suffering from this skin problem i was taken homeopathic medicine but no use. I used terbinafine tablets also after stopping medicine it will start again please suggest some permanent solution to ringworm

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Winter Skin Care

Dry skin can flake, itch, crack and even bleed. To help relieve dry skin, dermatologists offer these tips:1. Keep baths and showers short. Use warm, not hot water, and a mild cleanser. Gently pat the skin dry.2. Apply moisturizer after getting out of the bath or shower. ...

Diet in Pemphigus

Substances such as thiols, thiocyanates, phenols and tannins can precipitate the pemphigus in a genetically predisposed individual.  A list of foods containing these substances includes:Vegetables: garlic, onion, mustard, turnip, broccoli, radish, cabbage, cauliflower, potato, leek, ...

Get Flat 30% Off on All Weight Loss Packages.

Enjoyed Diwali???Now let’s come back in shape at ESTHETIQUES.Get FLAT 30% OFF on all Weight Loss Packages. FREE Consultation and get a Free BODY COMPOSITION ANALYSIS(Analysis for body mass index, resting metabolism, Sub Cutaneous Fats %, Total Body Fat %, Body Age, ...

Read Only if You Love Your Hair.

Your hair is more than 70% of your selfie. Its an important part of the first reflection of your personality before you interact with anyone. That is why you get tensed at the 1st sign of hair fall. No matter how much you read about upto 100 hair falling each day being normal, it pinches you ...

Festive Skin Care

Festive season is a time of fun, beauty and indulgence.There is always an excitement when Diwali is around the corner. It is all about fun, mingling with your family and friends, and eating sweets and snacks. But during this mood of elation and celebration, one forgets that what goes inside also ...

Dr. Janet Alexander Castelino - Dermatologist
Dr. Janet Alexander Castelino Dermatologist (MBBS, MD - Dermatology) 23 years experience Cosderma Clinic
4232 recommendations HSR Layout, Bangalore INR 500
Dr. Sachith Abraham - Dermatologist
Dr. Sachith Abraham Dermatologist (MD - Skin & VD, MBBS, Fellowship in Lasers) 24 years experience Cosmodermacare Cosmetic Dermatologist Clinic
1159 recommendations Koramangala, Bangalore INR 500
Dr. Parthasarathi Dutta Roy - Dermatologist
Dr. Parthasarathi Dutta Roy Dermatologist (B.Sc, MBBS, DDV, MD - Dermatology) 14 years experience Dr. Partha Sarathi's Asian Hair and Skin Hospital
3687 recommendations MG Road, Bangalore INR 400
Dr. Shashidhar T - Dermatologist
Dr. Shashidhar T Dermatologist (MBBS, MD - Dermatology, FRGUHS) 8 years experience Dermacare Skin & Hair Clinic
4519 recommendations Jayanagar 9 Block, Bangalore INR 300
Dr. D A Satish - Dermatologist
Dr. D A Satish Dermatologist (MBBS, MD - Dermatology, FRCP) 35 years experience Skin, Cosmetic & ENT Care Center
1780 recommendations Jayanagar 4 Block, Bangalore INR 750