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Thyroid disturbance Tsh >750male 33yrs.

Thyroid problem ,TSH >750 T3<0.26 T4=1.27mcg/di Hormonal Problems Male 33 yes.what endocrinologist suggest to me .

How to manage Diabetes naturally

My husband is having diabetes. Could you please give some natural remedies to treat diabetes. Please let me know the details of the food habits as well.

Thyroid issues

My Free T3 is 4.3, my Free T4 is 22.5 and my TSH is 0.056. My doctor prescribed me to keep taking my medicine called Thyronorm mcg 100. recently I was feeling dizzy and my blood pressure was low. Another doctor asked me to stop taking the meds. after that no more dizziness and blood pressure is ok. However past few days my eyes feel bulgur and puffy and I have a bad headache.

Sometimes giddiness happening.

Hi Dr. Male,33 Yrs My test results are follows: HbA1c- 6.0 Urea- 13 Creatinine-1.18 BP=135/80 ( Avg) Sometimes giddiness happening.

Tired GP says no problem

I am forever tired. I am 38 male. Diabetes under control take one and a half reclide 40 mg a day (half a pill three times that is). What to do to make me feel less tired. Please help. Under economic stress too.

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Growth Failure- Is your Child short?

Growth is the most important aspect of childhood, one that distinguishes children from adults. Growth is affected by a number of diseases and growth failure is often the first sign of a serious disease. Unfortunately, children with growth failure present very late when no help is ...

Ek Teer, Do Nishaane: Beating Diabetes and Heart Disease

The most common cause of  death in a diabetic patient is heart disease. The irony is that till date, there is little data that supports that good control of sugar leads to prevention of heart related diseases.  Patients are dying of heart disease and on the contrary, we do not ...

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Women have a common problem of unwanted hairs over chin, upper lip, chest lower abdomeni.e where they never wanted to have. Young girls with increasing waist, rising weight and greasy black neck and dark armpits are common these days. Trauma begets trauma , pain begets pain ...

Bend Your Knees to Mend Your Diabetes

Exercise  leads to opening of a current of channels in your body which leads to consumption of sugar by our cells without requiring insulin. The magic of exercise is extended further when a diabetic who has got less insulin or insulin resistance  does exercise. ...

It Is a Software Approach, Not Hardware

Manhood has got a lot of misconceptions among men. The act has been glorified in many shades of grey beyond reality. People have extra ordinary larger then life expectations for size, duration and repeatability of act. We are not open to discuss amongst us the most common hashtag ...

Dr. Arpandev Bhattacharyya - Diabetologist
Dr. Arpandev Bhattacharyya Diabetologist (MBBS, MD - Medicine, DNB - General Medicine, MRCP (UK), CCST - Diabetes & Endocrinology, DM - Endocrinology, FRCP) 27 years experience Shivajoyti Clinic
422 recommendations Indiranagar, Bangalore INR 1000
Dr. Vageesh Ayyar S - Endocrinologist
Dr. Vageesh Ayyar S Endocrinologist (MBBS, MD - General Medicine, DM - Endocrinology, DNB - Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism) 17 years experience Krishna Dhama
99 recommendations Indiranagar, Bangalore INR 600
Dr. Shankar Kumar - General Physician
Dr. Shankar Kumar General Physician (MD - Internal Medicine, MBBS, Post Graduate Diploma in Endocrinology) 28 years experience Manipal Hospital
1003 recommendations Old Airport Road, Bangalore INR 650
Dr. Vijaya Sarathi H A - Endocrinologist
Dr. Vijaya Sarathi H A Endocrinologist (MBBS, DM - Endocrinology) 8 years experience Vydehi Hospital
8 recommendations Whitefield, Bangalore
Dr. Shivaprasad C - Endocrinologist
Dr. Shivaprasad C Endocrinologist (MBBS, MD - General Medicine, DM - Endocrinology) 9 years experience Vydehi Hospital
24 recommendations Whitefield, Bangalore