Treating Suicidal Behavior An Effective Time-Limited Approach

Treatment to cure suicidal tendencies includes counselling and medication, which can relax the agitation and reduce the tendencies of committing suicide.Individuals going for suicide attempts may be suffering from shame or guilt causing them to take such a drastic step. Conversations related to death, hopelessness of life, suicides or anything negative is a strong sign that the person is contemplating suicide.

Treatment to cure suicidal tendencies includes counselling and medication, which can relax the agitation and reduce the tendencies of committing suicide.Individuals going for suicide attempts may be suffering from shame or guilt causing them to take ... More

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Mood disorder and anger

He has mood disorder problem he gets viotent on small issues he becomes abusive, throw things and sometimes he hit me too. We have a 4yrs old daughter he even doesnt care of her when he becomes angery. Please suggest me the solution


Sir, since last 2 years, I have been depressed and feel very low. Lack of interest. Mind always unrest and keep thinking unnecessary. I know very well what I m doing is not worthsome still I do. I waste a lot of precious time in minor act. I m very in trouble. I feel life got stuck.

Unusual Issues Since Long

Issues that I am facing are severe anxiety, giddiness, blurred vision, fearful thoughts, improper movement while walking, fearful thoughts and restlessness while travelling, severe headache and heaviness in head, always feels sleepy even after taking sound sleep of 8-10 hours. Sometimes I feel I have taken some drugs or something and feel very weak too. I can't go anywhere. Feels restless while boarding a car/train and starts getting panic. Sometimes I don't like to see anything. I have consulted various doctors but no one can diagnose it. For last few months I am observing sort of vibrating sensation in my body. I couldn't sleep properly.


I have heaviness and gridiness in head low concentration lose interest to do anything this effects my studies a lot. There remain stifffness in back and pressure on arms and sometimes fever feeling on back. I get tired very much if i do some work.I fell too much fatigue mainly in lower part of legs and mind totally exhausted with my problems emotionally stressed and weak. I feel feverish when actually i dnt have fever. Sometimes my hands starts sweating. This all happens when i was alone at my place but wen i surrounded by people i feel irriarted.

Mental fitness

Hi there I am 18 There is a guy whom i love . He usually ignores me and seldom talks nicely . In short he is quite moody I have lent him some money Due to need to ask him about it but he is not returning and has turned moody I have lost my peace of mind Kindly suggest something Also tell whether that amount of 3000 is more important than my peace . Should i keep asking for it or forget it

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Exercise and Mental Health

Consistently done physical exercise on a daily basis has magical effects, not just on the body but the mind as well. Here is how it works.1) Exercise releases Endorphins, which are endogenous happiness hormones and elevate the mood2) Exercise improves physical appearance, elevates ...

School refusal....what Parents Need to Know

chool refusal is the refusal to attend school due to emotional distress. School refusal differs from truancy in that children with school refusal feel anxiety or fear towards school, whereas truant children generally have no feelings of fear towards school, often feeling angry or bored with it ...

What happens to your brain when you get black out drunk?

Have you ever awoken after a night of drinking and were clueless about what happened or what you did? Or have you ever been drinking and found yourself in a strange location but had no clue as to how you got there? If any of these episodes of amnesia sounds familiar, then you have experienced an ...

Bring Back Fire in Sex Life-2

May I remind you that these are only suggestions. You can mould them as per your convenience. The idea is to make you comfortable as a sensual and sexual couple. Please do not try to prove anything to yourself or to your partner. Thoughts like “What if she’s not satisfied?” and “Am I ...

Bring Back Fire in Sex Life -1

Do you recollect the time you first met your partner many years ago? How did you feel? Were you eager and thrilled to talk? Did you think about him after the meeting? What did you feel like when you first touched his/her hand or kiss for the first time? Did you heart beat increase? Compare this ...

Dr. Satish Ramaiah - Psychiatrist
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