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Health Q&A
Depression anxiety and guilt

How to deal with feeling of guilt? Example you have hurt someone with your words because the other person has always hurt with their behaviour towards you? How to come out of such situation as early as possible when the friendship is finally over.

Mental disorder

He has starting forgetting everything and also his health is getting down day by day..he doesn't cares if his body

I think i have pseudodementia

Since i was a child i was always scared of going crazy. Then i got scared of catching hiv when i was 12 but i had an exposure. After 8 years , now being 20 years old the fear struck me again and it is still here for the past three months. I had three hiv tests , all of em were negative. A negative tridot , western blot and pcr hiv 1 rna. Now i feel like im developing aids related dementia. Im very worried. Can it still be hiv? Or can it be psychosomatic or pseudo dementia?


My father is not able to stop drinking. Where I can go so that it can be treated. He is drinking from many years and he is not able to stop it.

Bad health

I m emotionally weak...some past connection memories scold me...I have lost someone..much in grief...want to cry not able to much in hell from last 4 years...still struggling to live survive...not have enough energy...