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Vit D Deficiency

Sir My daughter age 25..was diagnosed positive with typhoid in July 2017...she was given antibiotics for 2/3 weeks...later she was given inj monocef also for 5/6 days...but still having low grade fever even after almost 4 months.....not taking any medicine from last 3/4 weeks...having body pain...gets fever after little activity...fever gets normal on rest...she is diagnosed having Vitamin D deficiency... A count of 7.3 by CLIA method...please advise.,..is low grade fever due to  vitamin d deficiency..,

Widal test

Hi.. I have been suffering from fever,running nose,cold and cough  since four days. My blood and urine reports has below readings Nature of specimen:SERUM Nature of investigation: WIDAL TEST Report:POSITIVE S.Typhi "O" : 1:80 Dilution S.Typhi "H" : 1:80 Dilution S.para typhi "AH" : Less than 1:20 Dilution S.para Typhi "BH" : Less than 1:20 Dilution When it will be widal test positive?

Fever, headache, weakness

On Thursday I had fever (100 F) till noon & high fever (102 F) till late evening. Also had unbearable headache. After blood test on Saturday, Widal test showed S Typhi "o" & S Typhi 'H' as 1:160. Doctor mentioned that I have typhoid & started Cefuroxime Axetil tablets. Is this correct medicine?

Constant weakness

I'm female 48 yr old. Have fever and weakness from a week.. Have taken Combiflam and CitriZine but no improvement. What to take to improve situation.?

Sourness in neck

Having cold, cough and fever since 2 days. Now i can feel pain in the neck when i touch it. I am taking antibiotics but its not getting better. Is it normal or should i consult a doctor?

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