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Fever coming from 12 days

I'hv a fever from previous 12 days when we take medicine it's comes down but after 6 to 7 hrs it becomes 100*F. Also admitted in choithram hospital for 3 days but still fever came.Complete all test like malaria, typhoid dengue. All are negative. In blood culture test found staphylococcus epidermidis. Currently we take below medicine Zara 20 morning & evening Duasul thrice a day Probilife twice a day Refuel syp thrice a day Qxim cv 200 twice a day Lanol er thrice a day

Having fever from one week

Last week on Monday night suddenly I feel cold and after that fever started . I went to government hospital they gave some tablets that this is viral fever but still it's not right yesterday evening I feel cold and fever is there .

Weakness and loss of appetite after vira

My mom had fever for three days in high 102-103. Apparently it was viral. She took antibiotics and paracetamol for that. Now the fever is gone but she’s feeling so weak, nauseous and is not eating anything. Not sure if it is due to overdose of medicine or post viral effect, she can’t eat anything. Any help is appreciated.

Doctor found I am suffering from typhoid

I was having weakness, fever(mild one) , pain just below ribs , loss of appetite, dazzyness . When consulted doctor told me I am having typhoid and pain below ribs is due to swelling on spleen. He did widal test n blood test. Now i am also having pain in left shoulder. I am not sure if doctor has given medicine to cure typhoid n spleen problem both. Can you please let me know if I need to consult any other doctor. Below is the prescription-5Dys 1. Tab pyroflox 2. Olgerd d 3. Dolo-650 4. SunUp s

Irregular periods

I m not having my period since July. Last time I had in July but after that no periods.Today I felt dizzy also what shud I do?

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