Trouble Walking Treatment

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Thesis and social problems

I've been experiencing headache,depression, and thinking about suicide thoughts.

Swelllinng on legs and abdomen

Swelling on whole body and abdomen . After sleep the body grow more swelling

Fever for 2 days

Hi ...I am Mother of 1.4 years baby breast feeding still. Have fever past 2 days varying between 99-102.8. Took patacetemol 500 mg for 2 days. Now doctor prescriber Dolo 650, Taximo 200, cetrizine 10mg for 5 days. and patacetemol IV injection one Is it safe to take above tablets while breast feeding? Please suggest.

Cough and red rashes in throat

I did the blood test (ABS EOSINOPHIL COUNT) and found that count is 702 /CMM and am I having cough and can see few red rashes in throat? Could you please tell me the prescription.

Fever, headache @ cold with mucus.

Hello doctor, I am having fever & cold with headache from last 2days, I have taken citrizen, and paracetamol. Before fever I was in the village & came to city on bike (100kms) in the evening started @ 5pm. And I took headbath after reaching home. From next day I am having fever. Please suggest. I'm male aged 28. Lot of mucus coming out of my throat

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5 Ways to Recover Well From a Sports Injury

These tips are applicable to a Sports injury or any injury, both minor or major which took place during the routine day to day life. A minor injury means that the X-ray has confirmed about no bone is fractured.Consider a basic rule-The process of healing starts as soon as the ...

Importance of Smile

1. When we smile neurotransmitters called endorphins are released and naturally hence we feel relaxed and happy. 'The more we stimulate our brain to release this chemical,the more often we feel happy.2. It’s natural pain killer. In chronic pain smile can do ...

5 Everyday Life Choices to Prevent Lung Diseases

1)Clean Air 2)Lung exercises with Incentive Spirometer 3)Proper rest and sleep 4) Eating Right 5) SteamIrony is staring at me while writing this piece-Pollution levels in Delhi are higher than 500 !It has given me incentive to take care of my lungs and share the ...

4 Healthy Tips for Thyroid Cure

Yes the Cure is within us and that too without medicines.1) Neurobic Exercises do help the thyroid to function well.What is Neurobolic Exercise?These exercises focus on memory and ability to learn and retain the new learning.These exercises do delay Mental ...

8 Morning Rituals

Always get up before sunrise or at the time of sunrise5 mins of mild stretching to avoid spasms.Get 2 glass of water preferably kept in copper or silver vessels overnight.Drink slowly, sip by sip to have better digestion and cleaning. Select exercise ...

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