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Fever since one week

Ihave fever since one week with cough and chills and body ache....please provide me some advice

Cold with runny nose and sneezing

Should I take Levosiz M twice a day or once as I'm having cold runny nose and sneezing

Persistent cough

Hi, I have a persistent cough started since 1st March, I have visited doctor and was taking medicines and cough syrup for 5 days also changed the doctor and prescription but still condition is no better. First it was a dry cough then it develops yellowish cough again it's dry cough with saliva color cough. I have the blood haemogram report which says vitamin b12 ,iron deficiencies and high cholesterol.

Chronic granulumatous disease

I have been diagnosed with chronic granulumatous disease. When I get a flare up in first get a big painful lump in the fat areas of the body. After a few hours I get a high fever and severe bone pain also headache and nausea. When the doctors open the abcesses there is a lot of fat necrosis there which they think the infection is secondAryan to please advise even if you think it's something else. Thank you.

Fever from last 5 days

I've fever from 5 days along with loose motion from last 3 days.After I had loose motion I drank a solution of salt+sugar+lemon in morning empty stomach,after that a slight of dry cough started occasionally. Feelimg too much fatigue. My temperature is not constant,its variable. Whenever temperature starts to rise,i start shivering, i feel xold and have goose bumps.I consulted a doctor yesterday, he did a malaria test and it was negative. They have given me so many meds, but I do fear of typhoid

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7 Symptoms You Should Know About Adult Acquired Heart Disease

The face is rejuvenated of by Botox therapy/different kinds of facials & creams to remove wrinkles, Hair regrown on scalp and adult heart is ageing with each passing day. Heart too shows that it is getting old & overworked due to different kinds of triggers, only if we care ...

Apple, bananas,guavas,pomegranate,berries,citrus...

Eat Regional. Eat Seasonal. Diet rich in fruits is alkaline diet which is recommended for Hypertensives,Diabetics & to manage other diseases related to Faulty Lifestyles.An apple a day,keeps the doctor away !Is it so?There are no doubts about benefits of eating apples ...

6 Tips to Prevent Diarrhoea

Samosa is fried,outer layer is free from germs & Samosa can lead to a rise in bad cholesterol but Hot Samosa is Not the culprit,chutney and filling can cause infections to the 6 feet long food pipe and germs have enough space and food to grow and multiply rapidly.1) Eat well heated ...

Reversal of Type 2 Diabetes Without Medication

3 Types of Diabetes and each has different causes and treatment.Type 1 is called Juvenile DiabetesIt is felt by a younger lot and only Insulin + Diet is the therapy.The pancreas cannot make enough insulin and people have to depend upon injections of insulin to ...

5 Ways by Which You Can Be Free From Hypertension

Can anyone be free from (Hyper) Tension and Live Like a Free Bird? Some tensions are healthy and it is an art to fight them while modifying the Lifestyle:1) Avoid Triggers which cause mood swings: Trigger can be different for each one of us. Identify them and learn to live and ...

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