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Need a medical Checkup

Could not eat much food from last couple of months. Eating a bit more is causing vomiting. This happens to me once in a year. Because of less food consumption i am loosing weight and it may cause severe health issue in long term. What I am suppose to do?

Extreme Fatigue

Hello! Dr. From 4 years I am feeling extreme tiredness & constipation. 3 years back it was reported thyroid and from than I am taking eltroxin 100mcg everyday and checking it quarterly. It's fine and normal. 1st 3 month was extremely fine but after that extreme tiredness again started. I checked everything including BP, SUGAR, VITD, VITB12, Anti TPO consultant 3 ENT & NEURO PHYSICIAN too. All report are fine. There was some Allergy that I took Montair FX 30 days. Now in last visit my uric Acid is 7mg/dl. Doctor has advised to take Febutaz 40 for 2 month. I am 32 years, 5'7" tall & 74Kgs, nature of job is sales & marketing (traveling). I feel all the time tired and I feel my eyes are like burning & sensation in eye, all time want to sleep only, weight is increasing everyday, can't focus on anything. I don't ve any job, family pressure to think. I checked with all the reputed MDs in Bangalore. I would like to request to suggest something i am tired of taking medicine from last 4 years.

What if Tb meds dont work

Hi, My father has been diagnosed for desciminated Tb. And the meds for Tb are not working on him. One day, we see some improvement and on the other day, he becomes drowsy again. What are the chances of Tb meds not working for TB? He was a alcoholic for 20years and the reason why his immune system is weak. Does it take time to see some improvement? Or is it possible meds might deteriorate his health even more? Hospital says be prepared for every outcome. Any help here would really be appreciated Thanks!

Cough problem

My mom is suffering from cough from the past few days tried giving grillinctus, coffdryl , also tried ginger molases mixture but not much relief any suggestions or medicine for the cough which can cure the problem??

Eczema problem

Hello doctor's, I am facing eczema problem in feet and my fingers. mere pair or fingers se sukhi papdi si nikalti hai. Yeh last 6 -7 months we hai. Thanks

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Mental Health & Bonding Among Women-Americans vs. Indians.

It is Not about Economy but Jealousy.Trump vs.Hillary may Not win not because Trump is More Deserving but Desperate Housewives may be having a Jealous Streak against an Independent woman.Why are Male doctors for women More Popular? No doubts that they are more kind, sympathetic to ...

Remember Osteoporosis Today, Besides Fractures Low Calcium Causes Heart Failure.

Calcium and fat soluble Vitamin D are important for healthy bones to regenerate.Wear and tear is more in women during reproductive years due to extra demands of lactation and pregnancy with a growing up baby taking up resources from mother.A Recent Study has suggested that extra intake of ...

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every Lump Felt Is Not Cancer.

A nodule detected by self examination is cause of concern for the woman and she Must go to the doctor immediately. Remember a nodule need not be cancer,it can be collection of hardened fibers and nodule is called Fibroadenoma.It is treatable by a medical professional, a surgeon after ...

''Marfan Syndrome''

Marfan syndrome is a systemic connective tissue disorder with a frequency of 2 to 3 in 10,000. The disorder is characterized by manifestations involving the cardiovascular, skeletal,and ocular systems. Current diagnostic criteria are based on the involvement of above organ systems and family ...

28 September Is 10th World Rabies day. Is Your Pet Vaccinated?

Rabies is a fatal Viral disease transmitted by saliva of mammals including pet dogs,cats,cattle who are Not vaccinated for Rabies and Stray animals like dogs,cats & others like monkeys.It is not transmitted through birds or reptiles. Some scientists tried to transfer virus to birds ...

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