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Fever over a week

Hello doctor, I am suffering from fever from last one week. I've taken all possible medicines, may it be paracetamol or antibiotics but the fever still. Persists. The fever isn't continuous. I feel high temperatures at night. And it has caused a lot of fatigue. I am unable to do anything properly with energy.

Dog bite.. urgent suggestion needed

Help Doctor, My husband was bitten by dog on the back of his thighs yesterday night around 9.30pm.it was just a superficial injury and not a deep bite at all,no blood,just I could see a red dot and slight swelling in the spot,he was experiencing pain only when pressed on the spot.he immediately washed it and had a tetanus injection. But we were worried and he took first dose of rabis injection today only in the evening around 7.00pm.I am worried of it is too late to start the course?pl tell me..

Need to know the dosage for Thyroid

I am a thyroid patient. My TSH level were 0.18 before 6 weeks. Doc suggested thyronorm 75 mg on weekdays n 50 mg on weekends. Now, upon testing, the TSH has come up at 4.3. What dosage shud I take going forward.

Fever not getting fine

Hi doctor my husband is 31 years old. Since last Thursday he is having fever. After every 6 hours he has to take meftal otherwise he gets chills .. Done all the blood and urine test they all came back normal

A dog bitten

A Dog has bitten me about 6 years ago but I cannot take injection what I do now

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5 Important Dietary Tips When Diagnosed With Jaundice

5 things to Avoid once diagnosed with Jaundice-Butter Chicken, Noodles, Paranthas, Daal Makhani & Potato Chips. Why am I being negative to start with? The caring attendants do yield to the demanding patient as if eating something is better than eating nothing!There are 2 types of ...

Tips to Prevent Anal Fissures

A tear in the linings of the anus in called as Fissure. Any Trauma or Injury which Stretches the anal canal can cause a fissure. Most commonly this is caused by Passing Hard Stools leading to bleeding and pain during passing stool.Acute Anal Fissure heals on its own in almost 6 weeks by ...

Apple, bananas,guavas,pomegranate,berries,citrus...

Eat Regional. Eat Seasonal. Diet rich in fruits is alkaline diet which is recommended for Hypertensives,Diabetics & to manage other diseases related to Faulty Lifestyles.An apple a day,keeps the doctor away !Is it so?There are no doubts about benefits of eating apples ...

6 Tips to Prevent Diarrhoea

Samosa is fried,outer layer is free from germs & Samosa can lead to a rise in bad cholesterol but Hot Samosa is Not the culprit,chutney and filling can cause infections to the 6 feet long food pipe and germs have enough space and food to grow and multiply rapidly.1) Eat well heated ...

Reversal of Type 2 Diabetes Without Medication

3 Types of Diabetes and each has different causes and treatment.Type 1 is called Juvenile DiabetesIt is felt by a younger lot and only Insulin + Diet is the therapy.The pancreas cannot make enough insulin and people have to depend upon injections of insulin to ...

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