Stomach Cramps Treatment

Sometimes food allergies may lead to stomach cramps in individuals. Some of the complicated reasons for stomach cramps may be lactose intolerance, hernia, gallstones and kidney stones, urinary tract infections and many more. Symptoms such as vomiting blood, bloody stool, and difficulty in respiration as well as stomach cramps during pregnancy should be brought immediately under medical attention.

Sometimes food allergies may lead to stomach cramps in individuals. Some of the complicated reasons for stomach cramps may be lactose intolerance, hernia, gallstones and kidney stones, urinary tract infections and many more. Symptoms such as vomiting ... More

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Mid Preg. Anomaly Scan

My wife is currently 16 weeks pregnant. Her first trimerster scan (done at 8+ week) report was normal (single live intrauterine pregnancy). She is currently out of town (at her mom's place). By which week is the Anomaly scan (second trimester scan) is to be done? She needs to return and schedule accordingly. Just in case of serious complication and the out-dated MTP Act of our country... Need to be sure!

Negative test

Hi Dr...Actually I'm irregular in periods coz of harmone problem (prolactin) but wit treament I'm cured..Nw i was active in sex wit my hubby & didn't get periods passed 16days & have sum early pregnancy symptoms so I had done home pregnancy test twice but got negative result... so plz can u suggest me whether im pregnant or no....

Irregular periods

I am facing the problem of irregular periods for a long time . I went to a gynac . She asked me to do certain tests . The reports of those tests are normal. She asked me to do some exercise and diet. can you suggest me some exercise and diet so that my this problem will get solved?

Mensuration cycle

HI , I m try for baby since couple of month but there is no result :( . My period date was 15th in November but in Dec it was 20th after that when period is complete , after 2,3 days continuous spotting is there sometime it is dark red blood or some time brown color after that i consult to my dctr she said it is because of harmons imbalance and give me this medicine " pause -Mf" 3 days course now its fine . Now 18 day of my cycle again it was started and still continuous ... I m very worried about this why it is happened again and again ? And how i conceive ? please suggest me ....

Regarding due date

My wife is pregnent more than 8 months, 4 week ago doctor said due date is 12 feb, 2 week ago again doctor told 31 jan. But on 17 jan doctor given due date to 26 jan. Is this normal or is something not right. Kindly reply. Thanks

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Menstrual Problems

Tracking your menstrual cycles can help you understand what's normal for you,time ovulation and identify important changes -such as a missed period or unpredictable menstrual bleeding.While menstrual cycle irregularities usually aren't serious ,sometimes they can signal health ...

My Baby Bag- Get, Set, Go!


Dads: 10 Reasons Why You Matter During Pregnancy

Some people think your job only starts when your child can kick a ball. But the 700 or more research papers published annually prove beyond doubt that dads are indispensable. 10 reasons why you matter:Who else, other than mum, will tuck her into bed at night, teach her how to ...

I've Just Had a Baby. How Can I Lose Weight and Tone Up?

The most important guideline is to start out slowly. Getting back in shape is not something you can rush. It's taken nine months for you to gain your pregnancy weight, so it will take time to lose it, too. Your body has done a wonderful job of growing your baby and bringing her into the world, ...

How to Ease the New-Mum Stiff Neck and Aching Back

Get the kinks out These four exercises are perfect for new mums.Back stretch Counters the effects of bending over your baby all dayLie face down with legs together, palms resting on the floor just in front of your shoulders, and elbows bent. ...

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