Scabies Treatment

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Herpes Zoster

I have herpes zoster and suffering from pain. Taking anti viral and anti bionic from one week but rashes are still as it was. Advice what to do. How much time it will take.

High BP at age of 25

I am of 25 years, weight 90 kg. Whenever i used to visit doctor, they used to check BP and it always stands around 140/80 or 150/90 (sometimes when i was having fever). This problem was actually at the age of 18 also when i was having lots of headache, but dr. preferred not to take medicine at that stage. I am damn sure it is also because of over weight and working hard towards to loose it. but can u suggest other factors. Also what should i take action to overcome. Any diet guide or tests.

Physical Weakness

I am feeling physical weakness from many days....which medicine should i take for this

Hurting muscles after coughing

I have had a fever for the past 4 days and by the end I developed a cough that is very wet and can last a good 3-4 mins sometime. They are also extremely painful. Recently my back and arms have been clenching/ spasming during leaving them feeling like I pulled a muscle or my bones hurting for several minutes afterward.

Having cold flu problem in breathing

Having cold flu with sore throat and fever and having problem in breathing and recent blood test gave high reading of monocytes which was 18.90

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Reversal of Type 2 Diabetes Without Medication.

3 Types of Diabetes and each has different causes & treatment.Type 1 is called Juvenile Diabetes,is felt by you younger lot and Only Insulin + Diet is The Therapy.Pancreas cannot make enough insulin & people have to depend upon injections of insulin to lower blood ...

Gratitude & Forgiveness

• Best anti-depressant is gratitude. At the end of day write down people and things that you are grateful and thank to them and to GOD.•Writing down three things that you are grateful since morning for three weeks increases significance level of happiness. ...

Tired of Needle Pricks for Glucose Check?

Diabetes patients need regular blood glucose check especially if glucose levels are fluctuating. But practically, it is inconvenient to use glucometer every time and everywhere. Pricking multiple times is painful. Sometimes glucometer shows:error-blood sample is too lessthe ...

4 Healthy Tips for Thyroid Cure

Yes the Cure is within us and that too without medicines.1) Neurobic Exercises do help the thyroid to function well.What is Neurobolic Exercise?These exercises focus on memory and ability to learn and retain the new learning.These exercises do delay Mental ...


HealthI believe that health is our ability to feel fresh and energetic at the beginning of day  and our ability to self manage well ourselves when we are facing physical, mental and social changes. So it is a state of complete mental, physical and social well being and ...

Dr. Ravishankar Reddy C. R. - General Physician
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