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Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D results just came out and I have got a severe deficiency. Vitamin D, 25 - Hydroxy: 9.70 ng/ml. Anything less than 10 is considered as a severe deficiency. Also, calcium is 8.8% which is just below the normal range of 9.0 -11.50. I've been experiencing heel pain for the past 5-8 months. I've scheduled a consultation with my doctor next week. Meanwhile, any recommendation would be great. Is this a serious condition? What should I do during workout sessions (mostly cycling & running) to prevent injuries? Is it safe to be in sunlight? If yes then what's the right time?

Electric kettle

Is it safe to use an electric kettle to boil water for formula milk for infants? The type that has a heating coil inside

Ithching on anus

Around 15 days ago, i have eaten raisens and dates with milk in heavy amount. Then from that days i have too much ithching on anus. Iam irritiate by this ithcing. Its increases as soon as i rub on anus more. I have also itching on between centre line of hips. It gradually increases at the end of day and in night it take dreadful image

Speech or PronounciationR

My son completed 6yrs on last 7th November. He is brilliant at his stage and he can perform all the activities as per tasks given to him. He has fluency in all Gujarati, English and Hindi. He also doesn't have stage fear or in public place he is not shy infact he can instantly adjust in new environment. The only problem in his speech is he can not pronounce R, When he is speaking he says "vam" in place of "ram", "dhava" in place of "dhara" and so on. In early stage he can not pronounce L, D, aL. But now he can but not every time. LADAI-LAVAI, He is trying but not get success. Kindly help.

Pain in lower abdomen

Pain in lower right abdomen, back pain , not able to sleep at night. Feeling uneasy during morning. After having breakfast feeling little better. Got fever twice during periods. Please advice

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How Many Eggs Can You Consume in a Day?

An egg a day keeps doctor away - maybe yes. Until about 2 decades ago, eggs were notorious for making levels of cholesterol high, leading to heart attacks, plaque formation in blood vessels, atherosclerosis, and blockages within arteries.This myth has been busted now.Eggs are ...

Is Stress a Cause or Effect of Interpretation of Events?

Cooking a meal can be meditating for one housewife and it can be a chore full of stress for another housewife. First is disciplined, buys ingredients in time,keeps her store handy and full,while other starts to plan dinner for family at 8 pm when every member is back from work but this housewife ...

Buy a Breathometer to Measure Capacity of Lungs.

There is no need to go for an expensive test for lung Functions,done by heavy Spirometry machine available only at office of Specialist for Respiratory Diseases. Breathometer costs only 300/-, is  available at Chemist Shop like Glucometer for blood glucose testing or A BP apparatus to check ...

Mental Health Laws,despite Shortage of Doctors,plenty to Label Person Mad

Dumping in a Mental hospital is a lot easier than Caring for Own. Selfish People can go to any extremes through Mental Games played on Vulnerables so that They can Prey Upon them when time is suitable. There are lots of Registered doctors giving Fake Certificates of mental illness to ...

Goddess Laxmi Is Flighty. Do Not Hold Her Too Tight.

If I feel one with My Gods & Goddesses. then I can as a right Analyse the Personalities. May be It is Durga in the picture above saying along with me.Goddess is flighty, keep her under wraps, do not display, do not hold her tight and do let her be ,Her True Self.If analyzed ...

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