Pyoderma Gangrenosum Treatment

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My lympocytes count in test was 55,

How much serious it is Do i need to admit in hospital and get treated Need suggestion What does this high count of lympocyte indicate

Rashes with itching in private parts

High eosinophil at. 8% low monocytes at 42 (45-70) high RBC at 5.71(5.50). With rashes and itching in rectum and private parts

Allergies- chronic urtica

For the last two years I am suffering from chronic urticaria. I am on Antistamin and montelukast for these two years. If I stop taking the medicines I do have itching problems and breathing problem. When can I get out of this sickness.please advise whether taking these medicines for long will have any side effects?

Vomiting and gastric

Hi, below is the result of CBC test for my sis.. hemoglobin 7.50 Pcv 25.20 Mcv 59.00 Mch 17.60 Mchc 29.80 Red cell distribution width 20.30 Platelet count 515.0 thousand/mm3 (increased) Could you please suggest if she's suffering any desease and recommend the best suitable cure?

Prolonged cold and sneezing

I have running nose and sneezing for last 20 days and i have tried antibiotics like azythral and Montair L for 10 days but do not have permanent relief

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Ward Off Asthma With Proper Management of the Disease

WorkupEvaluation of patients with asthma should include a history with questions about seasonal increases in pulmonary symptoms; other allergic symptoms; exposure to tobacco; and exposure to allergens at home, at work, or outdoors.Initial work up for asthma should includea) ...

Atopic Dermatitis in Children

This is a common skin disease in children. The cause of Atopic Dermatitis is not clear but it affects your child’s skin’s ability to hold moisture. The skin becomes dry, itchy and easily irritated. Most children who have Atopic Dermatitis have a family history of Allergies.Atopic ...

Health Tips for Kids to Beat the Heat This Summer and Build Immunity

During summer, our body becomes hotter, muscle enzymes speed up and burn glycogen more rapidly, depleting stores of the sugar that your muscles use for fuel. Hence it is necessary to make the child drink plenty of fluids that would help hydrate the muscle and skin adequately in order to maintain ...

Allergic Rhinitis: Specific Diagnosis and Allergen Immunotherapy

Allergy is a systemic disease. It cuts across the entire system of the human organism but it generally affects the skin and mucous membrane of the respiratory and GIT systems. Since airborne allergens are abundantly present, easily find their way into the human respiratory system and chance of ...

10 Tips To Keep Your House Asthma Proof

Like many people you probably have a deep emotional connect with your home. It is a place to relax, after long hours at the work. That is why it is important that this place is not only comfortable, but safe to live in.If you are suffering from Asthma, there is nothing worse than ...