Premature Ejaculation Treatment

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Unprotected sex

I am 25 years of age and had unprotected sex during my second day of period on January 15 2017. I took unwanted-75 within an hour. But my third day of period didn't happened. Now I am in a tension of getting pregnant or what if next periods didn't happened.


I am in a habit of mastributing twice a day would this going effece my coming sex life ?? I am worried !

Pricking in penis balls

Hi Doctor, I need a little help. I am getting little pain in the left penis ball. It's pricking everytime from last 1 day. Don't know what is happening inside...But it's pricking with little pain near by left ball. I feel shy to go n ask anyone. So kindly please help me. For this kind act I will thankful to you. Regards, Patient.

Penis curveture

I have penis curve problem. It cause pain while having sex. Its little curvy towards left. Docter, how my penis can be fixed in ideal(straight) condition. Is there any treatment or medicine. Please suggest me something

Probable Phimosis

I can pull back the foreskin when the penis is of normal size but can't pull it in erect state. It becomes tight. I don't have any problems in urination. 1) Is the situation too grave for my sexual life? 2) Is there a way to cure this without circumcision? 3) Can you suggest any oil or cream which could be bought from medical stores for the same?

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Male Infertility

TREATMENT OPTIONS FOR MALE INFERTILITY1. Microsurgery in obstructive azoospermia2. Intrauterine Insemination in male infertility (IUI) 3. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF & ET) – ‘Test Tube Baby’4. ICSI - A Reproductive Revolution for male ...

Do We Need to Worry About the Prostate Disease? No!

Current clinical observation for men with prostate related symptoms:Patients need to be assured that, most prostatic symptoms are age related issue, which SELDOM REQUIRES SURGERY AND RARELY BECOMES CANCEROUS.Even in event of prostate cancer (if diagnosed later), it is a slow ...

Foods to Spice Up Sex!

Sex life is something all of us would like to improve and there's no shame in admitting it.  For most men, the fear of "going soft" is a real concern. Improving what you eat could help improve sex.  The following is a short list of easily available food stuffs that can help ...

Easy Diet to Prevent Kidney Stones

Plenty of oral liquids predominantly water goes a long way in preventing stone formation. Water intake on an average should be about 2 to 2.5 liters a day, distributed uniformly throughout the day. One should take a balanced diet avoiding excess of any food elements and try not skipping or ...

Male Fertility Problems, Obesity – Here’s Something New

Obesity is considered to be the most prominent reason behind both female and male fertility problems. Now, it has been scientifically proven by a group of researchers in Denmark, that children may inherit obesity from their parents, especially from the father. A thorough research was carried out ...

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