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Uncomfortable while urinating

Almost 2 weeks earlier i started feeling burning while urinating. When noticed some cloudy liquid was also coming. Starter drinking lot of water and took Norflox-400 twice a day. Though there is a lot of relief but still feels sensation while urinating. Sometime i feel the bladded is stretched then it becomes normal. Please suggest what to do. Shall i continue with Norflox or change. For how many more days.

Sex problem

Erectile dysfuntion caused by bodybuilding supplements from few days. Now i m very tensed what to do.

Erection problem

I am not getting proper erection. Even if i get erection, it does not last for a long time. I am not able to have intercourse wit my partner. Please help

Penis's skin stretched/scratched

Hi doctor, I guess that i should not hide, m homosexual and during sex with my partner, the outer skin of penis from upper side, it scrached and now its quite swelling also, (and skin doesn't open(dont knw the correct wrd) even normally it doesn't come down,) and my partner tried to pull it down nd got scratched, it was minar wound befor 3-4 days but day to day its I'm seeing that wound is becoming double now its around 0.5 cm (still small) but still... Lemme know what to do. And medicine too

Virai veekam

My name packiaraj age 27,My virai in different size one is big another one is compared to small, what is a problem, wear pant uncomfortable

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Easy Diet to Prevent Kidney Stones

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