Post Exposure Prophylaxis For Hiv Treatment

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Calf pain at night

I have been having severe calf pain since 2 yrs which occurs at night mostly when i go to sleep. this pain don't allow me to sleep. so what can be the reason for this pain? and what can be done for the same? pls help me out.

Burning in legs and hands

I am suffering from diabetics. I knew it from April 2016, then my blood level is fasting 287 & pp 322. perhaps the diabetics problem caught in my body may be from last 3/4 years. but i did not test my blood glocuse level before of April 2016, but the such symptoms i feeled from before 3/4 years ago. I did negligence to take treatment in time due to ignorance of diabetics knowledge. but After april 2016 i knew about it. From June 2016 i took up medicine for 3 months continously to sugar control as GP-1 & Metformin SR 500 twice daily before and after meal respectively. on 11 Sept 2016, atfer tested of blood sugar it was found that my blood glocuse comes at 74/119. I did continued again the same medicine in same dose upto Dec,2016 & checked up sugar level again it was found 86/136. but my legs and hands burning is going on, in the cold weather is increases the burning feel, additional symptoms also seeing as hands fingers joint is swelling. what should i do i m getting so fear.

Cervical spondylosis

I have been suffering from back muscle pain since 2 years but was diagnosed by cervical spondylosis very late there is inflammation on back of my neck area like bone is come out it looks I have done my MRI doc said its bone spur muscle spam and ostophytes I want to know what are this condition can it be cured permanently or I have to suffer lifetime pls help as I have been on medication since two no a half years I am so depressed.i have consulted orthopaedic no completed 2-3 months of medicines course no also done physiotherapy it gives relief some days after that same pain occurs.

Honey take

Honey should be taken with hot water or lukewarm water or boiled water??? if we take honey with very hot water , what are the consequences then???

Typhoid fever

Having fever from 3 days and started normal medication. Like amox 500, ceptil 250 , meftal spas. Now i got relief. But need to check whether i can have milk or not

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Oppertunistic Infections That Occur at Various Cd4 Counts in Hiv Infected Person

 Oppertunistic infections that commonly occur  in hiv patients who have low cd4 counts .Of these infections tuberculosis tops the list followed by candidiasis, herpes and various infections causing  diarrea. At very low cd4 counts the risk of pcp pneumonia and ...

How Hiv Spreads

How can you get HIV?HIV lives in the following bodily fluids of an infected person:bloodsemen and pre-seminal fluid (“pre-cum”)rectal fluids/anal mucousvaginal fluidsbreast milk.To get infected, these ...

Hiv Symptoms in Men

The symptoms of HIV can vary greatly from person to person. No two men with HIV will experience the exact same symptoms. However, an HIV infection in men will generally follow this pattern:acute illnessasymptomatic periodadvanced infectionAcute ...

When to Do Hiv Testing in Pregnancy and Why Partner's Hiv Testing Is Essential

27 year old male, came to me with HIV positive report and he was in WHO stage 3 illness. When i asked about his wife's report, he told that she is pregnant ( 5th RMOA ) and tested  negative at 3rd RMOA. But during history taking he revealed that he wasn't tested for HIV at ...

Hiv Updates

Life expectancy of hiv infected person on treatment is  equal to that of non hiv infected person. Studies have shown that the survival gap between HIV-infected persons receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART) and noninfected persons has narrowed in recent years. However, the characteristics of ...