Axonal Polyneuropathy

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There is something in my throat, i felt like there's something blocking in my throat.. and its really a discomfort in my part..thank you.

Chest, jaw and arm pain

I have a really severe chest pain with a bad headache, jaw pain on the sides and full left arm is paining. My mom says its gas, but when I lie down, even then it exists. I have eaten really little since 3 days and on the third day, I don't feel the hunger at all or any pain. Tho the previous two days, my stomach would hurt. What is it?

Breathing problem,toilet n urine

Sir, I found lump in my neck and going to toilet n urine after eating food and not getting enough breath

Alternative to statin

I am 30.I have very high cholestrol and i tried 3-4 statins and red yeast rice tablets.all give me extreme muscule pain and nerve related issues. Is there something else that i can take to lower cholestrol? Which works on different principle than statins do. Ex zetia or colsevelam? Will they cause extreme muscule pain? Tryibg to control cholestrol via diet and lifestyle right now. Why arent g.p prescribing Zetia aka ezitimbe to statin intolerant?

Mouth problem

Water type things created inside the mouth and want to spit many times a day and feeling awckward inside the mouth

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Am I Here to Win the Race?

Hi, I will be born just after few hours & My mother is in labor room along with other woman going through same beautiful natural process that leads to Better Bonding Between Mother & Baby I am in sterilized environment and there are No 'Germs' or 'Viruses' around me yet but I ...

Dissolving Stent - Magic Bullet to Treat Cad - Dr R Manikanda Kumaran Cardiologist

Medicine does not stand still. You want innovation; you want progress. But you also want safety. Despite the fact that stents are major breakthrough in the treatment of obstructive coronary artery disease, the device will remain as permanent implant/foreignbody inside the artery after ...

Women Doctors as Cardiologists-Then,now & Wow!

Let me take back on time,during  sixties and early seventies-Place AIIMS, Dept of Cardiology & Thoracic surgery. On an Average there were less than 10 girls in a batch of 50 students admitted for MBBS course,only 35 seats left for general categories & 15 for reserved students plus ...

Vitamin D Deficiency

Finding Vit D Level low in your test results is quite common and one should maintain his or her Vit D Level as 30 I.U. as per standard measuring parameter. It can be corrected by taking weekly sachet or tablet of 60k power Vit D on empty stomach early in the morning as people same way as people ...

Obsessed About Food or Eat Healthy ?

Neutraceutical is term used for eating foods which are beneficial to us like medicines ( Pharmaceutical). There is no need to give iron / calcium /B complex tablets to healthy adults. Example is Haldi in our kitchen which is beneficial as antioxidant,has anti ...

Dr. Ravishankar Reddy C. R. - General Physician
Dr. Ravishankar Reddy C. R. General Physician (MBBS, MD - General Medicine, DNB (Neurology)) 24 years experience Marvel Hospital And Fertility Centre
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Dr. Shankar Kumar General Physician (MD - Internal Medicine, MBBS, Post Graduate Diploma in Endocrinology) 27 years experience Manipal Hospital
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Dr. Jaya Bajaj - General Physician
Dr. Jaya Bajaj General Physician (MBBS, ABFM) 12 years experience Vera Health
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Dr. Rajeev Gupta Internal Medicine (MBBS, MD - General Medicine) 13 years experience Shraddha Healthcare And Nursing
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Dr. Taher Hussain Assadi General Physician (MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine) 29 years experience Nisa Multispeciality Clinics
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