Axonal Polyneuropathy

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NS1 detect positive

Dengue test came positive in 3rd day of fever .now 6th day is running and fever properly gone. NO body ache now. Platelets count is 194000 that is just near the border line. Wbc is less 3500. i hv 2 yrs old son so can i gove any booster to him to prevent from dengue ? Bcoz if mosquito bites me and same mosquito bites to him he can also infeced

Stomach and head ache.

Good Evening, I started vomiting after eating street food and then stomach started aching and now stomach ache is gone but still i get time to time stomach ache and lately i feel like i want to vomit but its not happening and now i started getting headache too. I really don't know what is happening because this is the first time for me. Please reply soon.

Red inflamed circles.

I have two res circles underneath my breast. I've had them for two weeks, they havent changed at all and are quite itchy.

Pain in Upper Right Chest in Morning

From last few days when I do wake up in the morning I do have a severe pain near upper right chest, I don't know if its lung or what but I am not able to move in the morning and the pain relieves as the day passes. Please tell me if it's a reason to worry or it's just due to posture of sleeping and also suggest what to do so as the pain do not continue.

Frequent cold

I always have cold. I think in a month i suffer upto 15 days from cold. I have nose blocks in night frequently. I purchased otrivin nasal spray which helps me. But i dont think that always medication won't  do any good. So i need some advice regarding this stuff. Thank you.

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A Little Sun a Day Keeps Hair Loss Away!!

Though losing up to 50-60 hairs per day from your scalp is normal, there may be a serious underlying cause if you are experiencing more severe hair loss. Vitamin D is an important nutrient that, when deficient, can contribute to a number of health issues. Among these, is the ...


"Hypertension should be defined in terms of blood pressure levels above which investigation & treatment can do more good than harm"(Evan&rose1971) We should very much cautious regarding our blood pressure. High bp kills 9.4million people everywhere globally.So we have to identify this ...

5 Natural Cleansers and Masks for Clear Skin

Do you know that fresh Lemon juice is a natural bleach which does not lead to Sun Sensitization unlike the brands available in market as Bleaching cremes / Fairness creams ?Even Google is loaded with ads about skin care creams,centers to remove wrinkles ,to give us an ever youthful ...

3 Different Ways to Avoid Unwanted Pregnancies.

Every Pregnancy is precious for the mother to be. Even doctors conducting MTP for Unwanted pregnancies feel for the woman/girl , specially if she happens to be Just 10 years old.Accept it that we are a confused nation, passing through transition of being Proud Indians vs. Liberated ...

7 Ways That Can Reduce Your Wrinkles

1) Be one with Nature. Eat Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables but No Juices except the home made or covered fruits like Coconut water.2) Do not visit beauty parlors except for basics. Never let the Novice at parlor Experiment on your skin by promising you the moon like a Fair complexion / ...

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