Pneumothorax Treatment

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Cough and chest pain on right

I was having cough which has reduced but now there is some chest pain on the right whenever I cough.

Constant low platelet count (110000)

My wife had typhoid in starting Nov 2017. It was cured by treatment. Later she got busy in marriage and she had fast also. Now last 2 months(Dec,Jan) She has constant platelet count around 110000. Doctor advice to take rest and eat fruits. and 10 saline also given but still she has constant count. She has no fever and all tests are negative (Dengu,typhoid). She is staying at her native home where temperature is 7 degree. Please advice , is it normal ? Should I worry about her platelet count?

Tight headache

I am suffering from tight headache and in night times I am not getting enough sleep and anxiety is coming due to dat.

My ige level is 894

My ige level is 894, my sgpt is 168 sgot is 112 ggt is 101 and i m sufferring frm breathing difficulties, gastro prblm and constipation

Chicken pox

I have got chicken pox,today it's being 6th day. I have taken 10 tablets of Moxikind CV 625.Blisters have started to dry up.should I take the above mentioned tablet for deadline more days?

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Gratitude & Forgiveness

• Best anti-depressant is gratitude. At the end of day write down people and things that you are grateful and thank to them and to GOD.•Writing down three things that you are grateful since morning for three weeks increases significance level of happiness. ...

5 Ways to Recover Well From a Sports Injury

These tips are applicable to a Sports injury or any injury, both minor or major which took place during the routine day to day life. A minor injury means that the X-ray has confirmed about no bone is fractured.Consider a basic rule-The process of healing starts as soon as the ...

Most Important Health Indicator Bmi

From my point of view, most important health indicator is BMI- Body Mass Index which is the value is derived from weight and height of an individual. It is the amount of tissue mass (muscle fat and bone) which differentiates underweight, normal weight, overweight and obese ...

7 Activities to Focus on After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Let us be wishful that the surgery was successful ,done at best center under the care of best team of surgeons,nurses,dieticians and physiotherapists.Recently there has been news of fat women dying few months after bariatric surgery.Only bad news make the headlines.Low risk ...

Postural Defects

Posture is a very basic and simple word, but most of the people are ignorant about their wrong posture. In most of the cases, the wrong posture may be adaptive, related to work or faulty lifestyle. It can be rectified quite easily by releasing tight structures & strengthening weaker ...

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