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Continuous cough for one month

Consumed levocetrizine for 5 days, then fexofenidine+montelukast+acebrofelline for 5 days with codeine cough suppressant, then ampicillin+di clocoxin bid for 7 days with codeine cough suppressant. Then took x Ray which was normal, took blood test which shows esnophill count 450. Then doctor advised me to take diethylcarbamicine 100mg tid for 21 days, now 15 days over but still cough continues. What to do

Fever for past 2 days 22nd and 23rd Jun

Geeting feverish for past 2 days during the evening time. Had 2 Crosin yesterday then the fever is gone. Then again fever came back today evening. What should I do? Currently I am in Bangalore living in Electronic City Phase 1.

Fever,loose motions

Sir my age is 21 when should i eat these medicines.i am suffering from fever,loose motions what time should i eat i.e befare or after eating and daily how many times i.e breakfast ,lunch,dinner 1.nicotac 150 mg 2.oflotas -oz(ofloxacin & ornidazole) 3.ondenet-4

Supplement guidence gym

I'm taking whey protein after gym there any side effect of it?? I take it with water..I saw on net but not see any information regarding side effects of whey protein..pls tell me is it safe to take?

Tongue problems

Hi I got my wisdom tooth so Dr prescribed antibiotics and painkillers after that I got white ulcers on tongue and lite pink pimples back of my tongue.. Was very painful so I went again to the same dentist he prescribed b complex and quadrajel after pain r gone and white stuff went and again came back.. Then again I went to ent she had given some acidity and again bcomplex with probiotics. Pain is not there but dry mouth and again sometime disturbance.. Am so worried.. But drs are telling everything is normal.. Am worried is it a cancer? Bit drs are telling this is normal.. Don't look ur tongue... This not cancer.. It's from last 20 days.. Am diabetic too.. And I went to my endocrinologist checked all my blood and X-ray everything is normal.. She also told tongue is normal.. No worries.. But when it will go completely that white pimples and red one inside. .again am going to general practitioner next week. Please help am very much worried..

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Just a MBBS Doctor?? Not Specialized ? sharing with my MBBS friends to count their blessings.There is lots to do at Primary level.Yes being a Specialist is important But it is time to know our place in ...

Know Your Diabetes Abcs and Live Better

Talk to your healthcare team about how to manage your A1C, Blood pressure, and Cholesterol. This can help lower your chances of having a heart attack, stroke, or other diabetes problems.A for the A1C test (A-one-C).What is it?TheA1C is a blood test that measures your average blood ...

Health Tips on Female Fertility and Future Pregnancy

Every woman has a dream to become “Mother”.  It is a special feeling and these feelings cannot be expressed. But there are some women who tried but not able to conceive. So after looking at these things science and government came up with new ideas like Adoption Or Surrogacy, etc. But ...

Age & Gender of Surgeon vs Fast Recovery & Normalcy.

According to a US study published in the BMJ,surgeries performed by older surgeons have lower mortality rates compared to those performed by younger surgeons.Both male and female surgeons are equally good-patients mortality rates do not differ significantly,whether the surgeon is male or ...

Nipah Virus: Mortality, Morbidity and Fear Psychosis

Update -Nipah outbreak is not likely to spread. Siliguri faced similar fear psychosis due to outbreak of this virus and localized regional infection fears were over as the infection did not spread to the other parts of the country.It is not like Swine Flu H1N1 or SARS.A little ...

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