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Thyroid level is a 98 and i feel terribl

I have been feel tired and just overall bad almoat like im sick so i had some bloodwork done and my thyroid level came back at 98 which am told is very high is this a serious problem and what are my treatment options

Back pain problem

From Previous question I have no clinical report this is initial step .now have any suggestions for me?

Widal test report of 3.5Yrs bo

Widal test report of 3.5Yrs boy: Sal.Typhi. 'O' : 1:320 Sal.Typhi 'H': 1:160 Para Typhi. 'AH': Negative Para Typhi. 'BH': Negative Well Felix Test: Proteus OX19 : Positive(1:160) Proteus OX2 :Positive(1:320) Proteus OXK :Positive(1:320) Note:Suggestive of early iron deficiencyanemia. Please suggest treatment and cure time .

Vitamin D Deficiency

My Vitamin D level is 24. I am taking calcirol 60000 iu once in 10 days. Vitamin B12 is 150 am taking 1 capsule of Becosules Daily. is it ok?

Fever, headache, cold and running nose

I've been having fever for three days now. My head aches during the whole day and I have been sneezing as well plus I usually feel tired too.

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Regular Exercise: Way to Health for All

The slogan of the WHO World Health Day 2018 is “health for all.”  The idea of “health for all” aligns well with providing access to exercise to everyone. Exercise is a key part of a healthy body and lifestyle. Exercise really is about a long-term investment in your own health. ...

4 Signs That Say You Have IBS

Know important 4 features of Irritable Bowel Syndrome:Irritable Bowel syndrome-IBS Awareness Month- April.Do you have the ABCs of Irritable Bowel Syndrome?Abdominal Cramping BloatingCrampingDiarrhoeaApril is an IBS awareness ...


Adolescence (the phase of life stretching between childhood and adulthood should be redefined as lasting from ages 10 to 24 rather than the traditional definition of 13 to 19) - Scientists argue in an article published in the Lancet Child and Adolescent Health.Children now reach Puberty ...

7 Symptoms You Should Know About Adult Acquired Heart Disease

The face is rejuvenated of by Botox therapy/different kinds of facials & creams to remove wrinkles, Hair regrown on scalp and adult heart is ageing with each passing day. Heart too shows that it is getting old & overworked due to different kinds of triggers, only if we care ...

Apple, bananas,guavas,pomegranate,berries,citrus...

Eat Regional. Eat Seasonal. Diet rich in fruits is alkaline diet which is recommended for Hypertensives,Diabetics & to manage other diseases related to Faulty Lifestyles.An apple a day,keeps the doctor away !Is it so?There are no doubts about benefits of eating apples ...

Dr. Ravishankar Reddy C. R. - General Physician
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