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Blood in stool

Bright red blood with mucus found in stool. A medication for stomach infection and hemorrhoids taken but still bleeding. No pain. A bit of gas, which was before the blood activity also. Only bright red blood found. Culture stool test was normal and in blood test eosinophil count was increases. How to be certain that it is hemorrhoids only?

I have thyroid

Im doing regular exercise and having medicines properly but i didnt see any difference in my weight.


My mom was admitted in hospital due to severe pain in hands and knees after examination, she was detected with Chikungunya disease, since there is no medicine for it doctor has given some pain killers to reduce the pain. But she is not able to walk properly. Please advice how we can produce further.


Respected Sir, I have been suffering from gallstones problem for the past one year, I have been taking homoeopathy treatment for the past 9 months but I found no improvement, when I got tested for the first time the stone size was 6.5 mm (multiple stones, big stone size was 6.5) but after 3 months it reduced to 6 mm, after 4 months now it is 1 cm (3 stones are 1 cm and 1 stone is 6.5 mm). I recently watched your interview on ABN news channel. Please suggest me, if is it curable with homeopathy treatment, I came to know that there is no treatment for gallstones problem in allopathy, the only solution is removing gallbladder but I am not interested to go for a surgery (laparoscopy surgery). Waiting for your kind reply.

@Dr. Prashath Kini

Thank sir for your response. Reports Attached. Sir also getting pain in sole from last few days, with constipation, eye burning and feeling sleepy all the time.

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