Osteomyelitis Treatment

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Kidney and urinary problems

Urine comes in midnight 2 - 3 times daily, ultrasond report prostate is 40 ml in volume and normal in echotexture. Imp-left renal calculus with grade 2 prostatomegL PVRU 10MI(INSIGNIFICIAT)

Required Immunizations

I have to take some immunizations like MMR, TDAP, Hepatitis B, Varicella, and Meningococcal. From where should I take it? Do I have to consult a doctor before and get prescription?

General blood test result issue

I did a complete body blood test in which my 25-OH VITAMIN D (TOTAL) is 8.1 which is very low and HIGH SENSITIVITY C-REACTIVE PROTEIN (HS-CRP) is 13.4 which is very high. Rest everything has came in required range.  What does it mean and do i need to take any medications for this.

Steroids and alcohol

My boyfriend went to the doctor yesterday and found out he has alopecia. the dr gave him steroid shots in his head. he went out with friends last night and drank excessively (around 4/5 drinks and 2 or 3 shots). he has been puking since about 1 am and it’s currently 1030 am. he slept for about 3 or 4 hours without puking but as soon as he woke up he was at it again. i gave him water a pedialyte and he threw it up. he was throwing up yellow. he had a cold last week and took a lot of mess.

Digestion problem

My stomach gets upset on regular basis. I generally use metrogyl or Norflox TZ but after every 1 or 2 days, watery stool starts and also i suffer from constipation frequently.

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Inspired! a Doctor Himself Buried Bodies of Nipah Virus Victims

Dr Gopalkumar.Amidst depressing news of not being cared enough at hospitals,here is a news of Afterlife Care.Fear had paralysed at Kozhikode ( Kerala) & people were running away fearing Death caused by the deadly virus.But doctors & Health workers saw to it that ...

7 Special Care Tips for Babies With Low Birth Weight

There is a difference between a premature baby & a low weight baby born after completion of 36 weeks.36-40 weeks,babies are due anytime as if God is preparing the mother to be to be to get labor pains anytime & to keep her bag ready & not to go for long drives as labor pains ...

Life Isn't Perfect but Your Hair Can Be !!

 You come across with many hair problems .. there are many solutions to hair problems... But do you think after using these solution they end your problems .. some will yes some will no...  and if I ask you to tell how many months your hair fall stopped surprisingly a week or a month, ...

Acute Neck Pain

Acute Neck PainThe sudden onset of acute neck pain is an exceedingly common presenting complaint at chiropractic clinics. Our clinic is located in HSR Layout where it is not uncommon for employees to sit at their desks working at computers with one or more screens in constrained postures ...

Age & Gender of Surgeon vs Fast Recovery & Normalcy.

According to a US study published in the BMJ,surgeries performed by older surgeons have lower mortality rates compared to those performed by younger surgeons.Both male and female surgeons are equally good-patients mortality rates do not differ significantly,whether the surgeon is male or ...

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