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Excess height

Doctor my height is 6'3 i am 20 years old i feel very odd when i stand beside any one . i want to stop my height doctor please tell me how can i stop my height.

Right leg lower thigh and knee pain.

Year 2013 , In a football match my right leg was injured due to body contact of another player. my right leg acl affected for this reason(according to my MRI report. Docvtor suggest me to reconstruct the ligamnet. but i cant do ...

Problem in left leg ankle in walking

My 60 yrs old mother is facing difficulties in walking as her left leg is not working properly . slight swelling is also there. Uric acid is 6. Waist also has slight pain.

Pain in joints like knee pain

These days am having a lot pain in my knees. I don't know why? Actually i hav a habit of eating dirt like chalk. Sometimes i do eat cement, pot. By looking at that i donno but i feel like tasting it. By eating this may i know what kind of health issues i get. I just want to know clearly so that I can control myself by not eating them. Tia.

Pain in body

I have pain in my knees, entire right side of the body, waist and back. Can you please tell me the cause of it? And remedy?