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Leg not bending backwards more than 80 d

Hi my ACL high grade tear. Leg was kept in brace for 40 days. Post that went under 22 sessions of physiotherapy, however I am not able to bend my leg backwards it's maximum 85 degrees. Last few physiotherapy sessions were performed with tremendous force to have my leg bend. This has resulted in tremendous pain and difficulty to even stand for the Last two days. Leg is non operated. can I get my ROM of 130 degrees back with out under going unbearable pain. Please let me know

Ankle pain

My ankle has been hurting really badly lately. I don't know what I did to injure it. It feels like it might be a tendon injury or maybe its just an old injury that has flared back up.

Pain in back above hips

I have started jogging from last months, I run daily with medium speed for around 30min. I feel bit pain in my back above hips while sitting on ground and while bending. Should I stop jogging and what is remediation?

Swelling in both ankles all of a sudden

I got swelling in both ankles all of sudden from 5-6 days. The swelling is significant and is quite painful to movement and walk. This has happened first time. There are some red spots around ankles that are painful to press. I remember one such spot on left ankles from around a month too when there was no swelling. Earlier during winters of Delhi sometimes my toes used to get swollen in January, but never ankles. There are no other symptoms.

ACL recovery

Hi, MRI suggests grade 3 ACL tear after a sports injury. All other ligaments are OK. Is acl surgery the only option or is there an option for non-invasive recovering of ACL, please?