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Pain in bones in entire body

My wife is still feeding my 1.7 years daughter and has recently gone through tests like Vitamin D3 & B12 where in D3 the coount is 6.3 vs 30-100. Please advise. She is undergoing lot of weakness and have sever body and bones pain regularly.

Pain in back

3 years ago I had a pain in back when I was doing a job. At that time my companion send me to there consulting hospital. In shristi hospital doctor had done a mri after mri they told me that in back there is veins in between l4 - l5 so doctor suggest me a operation, then I consult one homeopathic doctor he had done treatment for 3 years but still I got pain in back, after I take consult of Dr of nureologist. He told me that there is no blockage of blood, he told me to consult a orthopedic doctor, I consult a doctor of orthopedic Dr Rahul shah, he had done mri, in mri the report says that there is small herbination in L4-l5, he told me to do physiotherapy and give me some medicine but all this I still get pain, doctors are saying that it is minor but if it is minor still I get pain will working, I do hard work like pull heavy tyres and I can't quit job so please consult me

Constant pain in ankle and legs

Suffering from constant pains in legs for many years25+. Off late there is addition-- needle prick pain below ankle and heels.

Knee injury

I have Underwent through a surgery for my right knees acl tear for grade 1. It has been 4 months and still recovering but still there i can feel jerks in my knee while Bending.

Plica syndrome

Knee pain when I bend my left knee as I put weight on it, mostly when cycling or hiking up mountains