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Continuous Pain in legs

My legs have been paining quite from long time. Its been 2-3 weeks that my calves portion in paining without any severe reasons. It increases after sleep or if climate becomes cooler.

MRI left Kner

Hi, Can anyone review my MRI report and offer suggestions. I got MRI done of left knee and below are the extracts of the report: ACL is edematous and its course is replaced by ill defined hyperintensities. Fluid is seen in supra patella bursa extending to knee joint recesses. mRI imaging reveals joint effusion with changes in synovitis High grade partial acl tera/? Complete acl tear

Joint pain

Before one month i was playing kabbadi at that time my left leg joint ha some pain after playing kabbadi while sitting down or else playing games the pain is increasing

Bent Bones?

I don't really know what happened but i just go to the hospital 2 weeks before this because my right hand feels sick that i have to tell my parents about it... I do carry like 5kg bags 5 times a week... could that be the problem

Muscle cramps and joint pain

I have develop wrist pain and other joint pain little and muscle cramps and easy fatigue of muscle its mild to moderate on and off nothing severe but keeps dragging my attention what can be possible causes??