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Kinee & joint pain in the morning

I'have a joint pain last four mnth.actully my duty is standing duty when i weak up in the morning i am extremely suffering from highly pain in legs pls help

Left hand pain

For the last 1 week getting pain in my left arm fingers and neck and pain worsens in movement i consulted senior ortho Doctor and he asked me to Took neck xray and told some problems in cervical disc and that is causing pain and asked me to do physiotherapy.. i attached my xray..Kindly tell wat is the cause problem

Having lot of pain back

My father is having lot of pain in back.. he got a clot in his back only at that spot he is getting pain..

Bone n muscle pain

My mom is 50. She was working when her leg got hurt when it dashed on the floor.now its been a month that it pains whenever she walks or stands for too long..is believes in everything Ayurvedic...so she does anything and everything she feels is natural.we asked her to go to a specialist but the she went to an ayurvedic doc...and now the pain is not gone.today she went to a specialist...she has asked her to take MRI. She has the habbit of diluting tiny biy of lime stone ( chuna) in her drinking water..coz somebody told her its good for body...but I m concerned...will it not cause any side effects or kidney stone?

Upper and lower back pain

I have been suffering upper and lower back pain .Somtimes it is muscular pain . the pain changes the place somtimes it is upper side somtimes lower side of back ,in neck or sometimes front both ribs