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Foot pad pain

How to get natural treatment for metatarsalgia? My mother having problem in right leg foot did ultrasound test and their was no puss nothing.. doctor advised to change sandals and full soft orthopaedic sandals she is using but complaining of pain, How to proceed next

Pain in body

I have been having pain in my body about for one week no pain relief worked in my borne it's paining so much specially in my right shoulder

I want to grow my height

I am 22 year male student. My height is 5feet 3 . I desperately want to grow my height a little not much. I am 22 but my body is not fully grown. I still look small kid .. what should I do.?

Labrum Tear (Rt)

I had a labrum tear in right shoulder two years ago and also had done a month of PT. But unfortunately there was no improvement in my shoulder condition. This is highly disappointing/depressing as I could not continue in any of the overhead sports these days. I cannot play badminton, tennis, cricket bowling, can't throw a ball, can't punch. My question is does labrum tear can be repaired(I am not doing anything from a year). Are normal Physios capable of recovering such injury. Will resting make me recover my shoulder. Thank You.

Knee joint pain

Mot er ave pain in swollen knee joints. Doctors told t at it's joint lubrication problem due to age. Pain medicine is less effective. I want to know if t ere is specific treatment for t e same.