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Knee pain after cesarean

I have cesarean in Jan last week. Now I got knee pain suddenly. When I stand after sitting it causes pain.  Please suggest what should I do . I have started  exercise also but not much effective.

Shoulder pain in upper movement

I have shoulder pain since one month. When i do any upper movement of hand my shoulder make some noise like bones are touching and it create pain. If move the hand round only when my hand go up that time it create pain normally it does not. Do i have shoulder impingement injury.

Constant back pain

I have been having constant back pain which start from the shoulder till the back spine of one side.

Joint pain in knees

I don't know actually what's happening ?? But the pressure is coming to my knees therefore I feel like my legs are highly weighted I don't know this is joint pain or something else.... I can't exercise this is the problem to me from 6 months....

Pain in the knee and toe

Doctor my mom approx age 55 weight 80,is having constant pain in her toes,feet thumb finger and knee.