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Excessive salivation

I have been producing lots of saliva for many years now. I have to keep spitting every minute. My mouth is always full of saliva which hampers with my social life. Also while sleeping I swallow the saliva unconsciously and because of which I have to vomit every morning ! I've been puking everyday since 6 months now. It is really frustrating. Please help

Pain in lower abdomen

I get pain and burning sensation in the lower abdomen after 8 days of my periods, it will stay for 5 days and the pain goes off. Again after next periods i get the same problem. This is happening to me since last 6 months. Kindly suggest.

Dolo 650 is injurious

Hi, Myself take dolo 650 if feel like feverish or headache.But came to know that its banned in India,is it harmful or what is the alternative of this?Kindly suggest. Thanks.

Fever fatigue cyst

Sir / Madam , I had fever 4 days back and acute back pain , now i have fatigue , very lazy and also a cyst under armpit and i also feel nausea all the time ..please suggest something .

Heel sweeling

Heel swelling from last 4 months.Orthopedic doctors diagnosed it with fat pad injury.I want to know is it a serious problem and what time it takes to heal completely.

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How to Prevent Mosquito Bites Naturally

Indian population is probably more scared of mosquitoes than tigers these days. With Dengue & Chikungunya prevalent this season, a bite by a mosquito sends more danger signals in the minds. Not all the cases of these illnesses have to land in hospitals or prove to ...

Wash Vegetables & Fruits, Eat Them Without Rinsing Again With Water.

Diabetics are aware of benefits of Methi (Fenugreek seeds). It does bring down levels of sugar and cholesterol, how it brings about the change needs to be reviewed and studies need to be done to reassure people about advantages of simple and cheap seeds of Methi which gives Iron and folic acids ...

Life Style/diet/role of Salt in Hypertension??

SALT & HYPERTENSIONNow, in continuation to my previous article about hypertension,the next common question is about DIET/LIFE STYLE IN HYPERTENSION.As we all know the first thing that is advised for a patient,when diagnosed as HTN/Pre-HTN is "LOW SALT DIET","KEEP AWAY FROM ...

28 September Is 10th World Rabies day. Is Your Pet Vaccinated?

Rabies is a fatal Viral disease transmitted by saliva of mammals including pet dogs,cats,cattle who are Not vaccinated for Rabies and Stray animals like dogs,cats & others like monkeys.It is not transmitted through birds or reptiles. Some scientists tried to transfer virus to birds ...

25th September Is Daughter's Day & Daughters Are Meant to Be Given Away in Marriage.

Happy Daughters Day to everyone. Today is also Birthday of AIIMS & Golden Jubilee ceremonies are going on for 2 days. Daughters did made it to AIIMS since its Inception in 1950 s though there is a difference between then and now.But Hope Not and try to convince that it is only a Hype created ...

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