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Pitta Dosh issue

Hi,can u pls help on health issue where my mother is facing pitta dosh from last 5-6 years.We have consulted n no. Of. Doctors,currently following homeopathic. However condition remains same.She is unable to sleep at night,hyperacidity, feels body heat. She doesn't feel hunger,due to which she is now weak and had lot of weight loss.At times, she also face severe headache and feels uneasiness fear feeling. She also have high BP at times. Can you suggest what is causing this and what is treatment needs to be done.MRI reports are positive.

Menstrual cycle

In November I was suffering from typhoid and I missed my I wanted to ask you that typhoid medicines can effect the menstrual cycle ? If yes ,so what should I do now ?

Pain in fingertips.

Hello, I'm a 22 year old male. I consume alcohol occasionally, approximately 2-3 times a month. But always after consuming alcohol I experience pain in my fingertips and toetips below the nails. I do not experience any other pain. Is this a serious issue? What specialist do I need to consult for this?

Dry throat sweating dizzy

My mother (60 years) for last few days feel very dry throat all day and in night also she feel so dry throat that she need to get up and drink water couple of times. Today she suddenly got sweating and dizziness. After checking in a near by small clinic the bp is high and blood sugar in limit. As per her medical history she never had high bp but she had low bp sometimes and took coffee. No medication going on and she was diagnosed pre diabetic a month back (fasting 110, post prandial 167). She says she feels weakness also for a few days. Kindly guide what these symptoms means ? is this all because of high bp if yes how can some one suddenly get it if she never got high bp but low bp only. Or can this be due to something else ?

Sebacous cyst on soctrum

Sebaceous cyst on soctrum if 0.5 cm i jst want to get rid of thiz prblem plzz help me out ,somtimes eatching prblm is also there

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Why I Am Obsessed With Raw Haldi Intake?

Raw Haldi can be grown at home or it can be purchased from the vegetable vendors Haldi in our kitchens is also good but one can be vary about its Purity.Some artificial colors might have been added as it's a routine to sell the brightest brand.Each one of us is familiar ...

When I Burp Why Does It Feel Bitter?

The food pipe is  6 feet long and stomach is a part of it which retain the food for about four hours so that food can be churned,  mixed with juices,  bile made in liver and sent towards stomach by tiny pipes called bile duct.Bile is bitter in taste.Stomach does have ...

ABCD-1 & ABCD-2. Any Body Can Be Doctor.

Winning a Dance Competition is a Lot Tougher than dispensing medicines to unsuspecting Public.Indian Medical Association leadership is having a tough time mobilizing doctors from all over INDIA to hold a Protest at Jantar & does not allow Anyone to ...

How You Can Cope With Delhi Smog

New Delhi recently became the most polluted city in the world. The amount of crackers burst during Diwali has made the air in Delhi toxic which has become a major concern for Delhi inhabitants over the last few days. Facing its worst spell of persistent smog in nearly two decades, the city's air ...

Understanding Hypertension- Bust the Myths!

Bust the myths, know the facts.In my previous article 'Understanding Hypertension(high BP)', I talked about what is Hypertension and what measures can be taken to prevent it. Now, I'll be talking about the common misconceptions and myths associated with Hypertension and help you know the ...

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