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Bad sore throat, no fever

I have a very sorry throat, and am having trouble especially when trying to eat. I have a picture I could submit, but do not see a way to do that. I don't have a fever, but my throat is very red, and seems a bit swollen.

Thrist and urination

I feel too much thirst and urination.Is it natural? I drink almost 10 litres of water everyday and still feel my mouth dried

Cold cough

Dear Sir/Mam, Today's since afternoon I am suddenly feeling cough & it's too much Due to cold ( I am continue in AC office ) How I could over come of this problem What's precaution or medicine should take to stop cough and irritation Kindly suggest me Thanking you, Bineet

Fainted and shaking

I felt a little dizzy in the morning while standing. So i sat and laid down, and i fainted and started shaking. I lost all my consciousness. They gave me some sugar, then only i came to my senses. I tested my BP in the evening it was 90/60. My HBS count is 11.1. What would have caused this incident. What should be my next step?


I work for night shifts and my exposure to sun is very low and lower body activity. What are the side effects of this.. if my D vitamin is low what should I do?

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Do Educate the Girl Child,first Enlighten Her Mother& Educate Both!

When women and daughters share same focus,one can see expression of the power of the feminine collective,of women coming together to overcome the evil of being vulnerable that confronts them and also most significantly ,their strength.India: Gender bias kills over 200,000 girls each ...

Pulmonary Function Testing (Pft) : Underused Diagnostic Tool?

Pulmonary function test (PFT) is a diagnostic evaluation of the Lungs with a primary purpose of Diagnosing the Lung diseases and it's stage, to rationally treat the pulmonary impairment.Pulmonary function testing has diagnostic and therapeutic roles and helps clinicians answer some ...

The Incredible Omega 3 Fatty Acid

Omega-3 fats are commonly known for their health benefiting properties. The fact is that fats are required for the body to carry out various vital functions. Many nutrients are fat soluble, without which the body can't avail their benefits. The human body is capable of synthesising most fats, ...

Do not play the blame game/politics over Rape. Look Within.

Look at the picture above. Proud parents of only sons. Are daughters welcome anywhere in the world ?Maybe yes but only at places where the elected government takes responsibility of the Juniors & Seniors.There is No Dowry.Inheritance rights are equal for Daughters.We are ...

Regular Exercise: Way to Health for All

The slogan of the WHO World Health Day 2018 is “health for all.”  The idea of “health for all” aligns well with providing access to exercise to everyone. Exercise is a key part of a healthy body and lifestyle. Exercise really is about a long-term investment in your own health. ...

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