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Small lump

Small lump just bigger than a pea just below the skull. Isn't painful. The lump is hard

Whey protein

Hello I am doing high intensity workouts 5 times in a week I am a vegetarian so have limited options of protien intake. I am contemplating to purchase ONN Whey protein. I want to know whether it's safe to consume it. I am not lactose intolerant.


Can you please suggest me some medication for throat as i have cough and my throat hurts too. So i need some effective medication for it as i have it from a quite long time like past 2 weeks.

Painful throat

I’ve had a really painful throat it’s been itchy,hurts to swallow, hurts to sleep , hurts the ears I’ve also been having nausea, and headaches

Ringworm pls help

I’ve had ringworm (or what I think is ringworm) for over 2 weeks. My mother told me to crush up garlic and keep it on for an hour. After doing that it’s turned brown but still bright red around the brown and dark brown spots. How do I know if the garlic is working? Does it mean it’s working if it’s stings and turned it brown instead of bright red?

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8 Easy Ways to Control "Hypertension"

Hypertension is a silent killer because one out of 5 people who are hypertensive don’t know if they have no symptoms. Whereas uncontrolled high blood pressure causes silent damage to the blood vessels of the body and can result in a visual loss as well as life-threatening problems such as ...

Cupping for Chronic Back and Lower Back Pain

Cupping is a form of alternative medicine that does not use the ingestion or use of any medicines. Therefore, the risks that are involved considerably lower than others, and there are little to no side effects that can occur. If you find yourself in pain and have used up all options that ...

Prevention of Diabetes & Its Complications

LEAD A CONTROLLED LIFESTYLE TO PREVENT DIABETES.Exercise regularly..Stress reduction..Maintain your weight and Blood pressure..Quit smoking..Annual risk assesment..Eat a healthy diet:      -High fibre, low fat and ...

Can Diabetics Eat Mango?

Yes, In moderation Diabetic individuals may eat mangoes. It's also in the recommended list of American diabetes association guidelines.One medium size mango contains 100-135 calories with around 25 grams of carbohydrates and 3 gram of fibre. It's also very rich in minerals, vitamin A and ...

Inspired! a Doctor Himself Buried Bodies of Nipah Virus Victims

Dr Gopalkumar.Amidst depressing news of not being cared enough at hospitals,here is a news of Afterlife Care.Fear had paralysed at Kozhikode ( Kerala) & people were running away fearing Death caused by the deadly virus.But doctors & Health workers saw to it that ...

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