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Any lab tests or chromosome test?

My mom has ca oesophagus , any tests which can be done to detect the chance of getting cancer to us ( children) .??

Moderate differentiated cell carcinoma

My father has to face some problem in his throat more than 6-8 months. Dr. Tushar Kanti Ghosh found a mass in right vocal cord. And he is doing glottic lesser surgery on 7th March 2018. Biopsy report: MICROSCOPIC EXAMINATION : Sections from right vocal cord mass lesion shows histological features of moderately differentiated squamous cell carcinoma. Tumor cells are arranged in nests and cords. Adjoining areas show inflammatory cell infiltration. Please advice next step

Blood in nose,difficulti swlowing,smokin

I an 21 years old student I used to smoke 3 years ago, i quit 4 months ago,after quitting i got a chronic infection,i was admitted to a hospital,when i got quite good in few days i got a sore throat, i visited to a doctor he gave me anti biotics but there was no effect,then there was difficulti in swallowing, and lasted for 2 months and swollen lymp nodes on left side,and i got blood in nose from two days, i visit an ent he took a tt test and hemogram test,and he put some liquid in my nose by a small iron bar and cotton,is it throat cancer or something else, plz plz plz help mei am so anxious.plz help

Squamous cell carcinoma

We saw a red patch 1.5 years ago in his mouth (around 1 cm). We consulted with a Doctor (Dentist and Cancer specialist) in Kanpur, he suggested for the scrape biopsy and we found Erythroplakia. we repeated the same 6 months ago with the same outcome. We decided to go for Biopsy last week and reports say squamous cell carcinoma (Well differentiated)

Metastatic relapse of breast cance

I've been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer 3 years ago.I succesfully over come it. 6month ago I had a car accident and my arm shaft broked.Doctors suspect the relapse in doctor changed my hormonal threapy from tomoxifen to his decision correct?shouldnt he first started me on second generation of aromatase inhibitor instead of exematase?My orthopedic doctor advise me not to open my broken arm protection but it is really bothering me.What should i do?

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Breast Cancer Surgery: What You Need to Know ?

Types of breast cancer surgeries:Wide Excision/ Lumpectomy: Tumor along with normal surrounding tissue is excised. Sufficient for benign tumors of breast. Benign phylloid tumors require a much wider resection margin of 2-3 cm.Simple Mastectomy: Breast tumor along with whole ...

Seroma Formation – a Common Complication of Axillary Surgery

A seroma is accumulation of clear fluid in the body after surgery. It is a common complication which can occur in the underarm area (axilla) after breast or axillary surgery. In fact, axillary seromas have been seen even after axillary lymph node biopsy or sentinel lymph node biopsy for breast ...

Chemoport: A Boon to Chemotherapy Patients.

Ease of chemotherapy administration by CHEMOPORTChemotherapy ports are specialised vascular access devise[VAD]. The VADs are classified into 3 according to the longevity of intendeduse.1.      Short term: IV catheters, Midlines.2.      Acute ...

Importance of Maintaining a Pain Diary in Breast Pain

Breast pain (or mastalgia) is common problem faced by women at least once during their lifetime. It can range from mild pain to a chronic debilitating condition, which can even push a patient to the verge of depression. In fact, in the last one month, I have encountered two such patients, who ...

Head And Neck Cancer Is A Preventable Cancer

What are cancers of Head and Neck?Cancers that are known collectively as head and neck cancers usually begin in the squamous cells that line the moist, mucosal surfaces inside the head and neck (for example, inside the mouth, the nose, and the throat). Head and Neck cancer is the sixth ...

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