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Knee discomfort and pain

I am 34 aged male and I have been feeling discomfort and mild sharp pain around both knees as well as backside and sides It started last week with kind of some discomfort but all of a sudden it came well noticeable now. When I consulted ortho doctor he said it would be knee meniscus tear and am afraid anything series that would impact my day to day life and am very anxious if any treatment to cure it completely.

Neck growng too long

My necks been growing tooo long I dont wear anything around neck so i dont see the reason for it to grow like dat Please say me what to do to make it small or make it look small and no one in my family has a long neck

Knee sprain

I fell four days ago, when my foot planted my leg twisted and I felt my knee pop two times. I felt pain instantly and I was unable to walk soo I had help to my car and I went to the ER immediately. They did an X-RAY , and I was told that nothing was broken that it was just a sprain and to follow up with an orthopedic in a week if I still had problems! With the insurance I have I can only see a specialist if I had a referral from my PCP so I went to see my doctor and she was trying to examine my knee to see which ligament I tore but it was too much swelling and I am unable to bend it! Here it is four days later and my whole leg is swollen from my knee to my foot and I still can't bear any pressure on my leg. They gave me a knee immobilizer but it makes my knee so uncomfortable all I can wear right now is a wrap, could this be a ligament tear or is it just a small sprain if so would I need surgery? The ER doctor thought it was my meniscus.

Foot drop Treatment

In 2009 I had suffer from G.B.S when I was 13 years old, I was admitted into base hospital for 3 months in ICU on 100% Ventilator my whole body was dead I was not able to only any body part except eyes during that a treatment goes on named  plasmapheresis and after 3 months I was start recovering and recovered almost full in next one year except foot drop now I have foot drop in my both legs Dear Doc. I really want to join army services and for that I have to cure foot drop so want to know that is there any kind of treatment for it or is it permanent? I there any permanent treatment through surgery ? I also do exercises but it looks like they are not working ! So is there any permanent treatment for it ? If yes then from where can I get it ?

Knee injury while jogging

Last Monday I got injured and it is still not healed. I am feeling same pain but using knee bandage in hope muscle get repaired. I am able to walk but with discomfort.

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