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White discharge after tak

Sir i m asking this on behalf of my friend... she taken an emergency pill after that her dates arrived on normal period but she is having a white discharge with clots which normally comes when her dates are near but after taking that pill she is having this problem for 2 months... dates are normal but thid white fuild create itching problem and sometimes she feel pain also

Sexual related problem

Hi im Rudrajit 28years weight is 93 kgs & my height is 5ft 11inches. I recently got married on 25th Nov'16. My main problem is sexual related. While trying to have intercourse,I found that the tip of my penis is not erect & hard as a result of which I could not enter my penis into the vagina. The shaft of my penis is hard enough at the time of sexual pleasure but I cannot retain the hardness for soon the sexual impulse goes off my penis becomes main problem is lack of hardening & erection of my penis tip to enter the vagina..what should I do now?? Please suggest

I think i have HPV

Sir/Madam I had a sex with my gf before 6months but now I have one wart near penis and one in anus and one in my lips and some pimples in scrotum What I do it cause a mouth cancer like that plz guide me and give some proper advice

Pain after Ejeculation

I have felt sharp pain in the left abdomen after ejeculation. Is it normal. Or this be a some short of disorder. Your answers pls.

Is it pregnancy

I felt nauseous since the start of the day and by the end I threw up a bit. In addition to that I had stomach ache as well and the stool was not good either. Also my periods are due on 13th of this month. We had sex on 19th of Nov and I felt nothing uptil now except for frequent urination with a bit tingle at the end which is my last asked question also. That problem has died now. My urination is normal both in frequency and the sensation. Today is the first time since intercourse when I am feeling all nauseous. I feel this is my upset stomach and minor food poisoning but just have to be sure. Please guide me all about pregnancy and its symptoms. When do the earliest symptom take place. Also me tell me are these symptoms of pregnancy. Please help

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Urinary Incontinence - What You Need to know...

Urinary incontinence is a health condition in men and women, which causes loss of bladder control. Urinary incontinence usually occurs in cases of medical conditions such as an enlarged prostate, urinary tract infection, Parkinson's disease and diabetes, and may also occur after a prostate ...

Hot Bath Tubs Can Kill Male Fertility

Are you a man madly in love with hot bath tubs or hot and relaxing Jacuzzi baths? It’s time to fall out of your love if you are planning a family. According to the researchers of the University of California, the constant exposure to the ‘wet heat’ can kill your fertility.Though ...

Preserve Fertility to Ward-Off Infertility Treatment

They best way to avoid an infertility treatment is to protect your fertility. Infertility is the newest form of epidemic that is estimated to trouble one out of every six couples. Infertility problems do not surface until a couple tries to conceive. It is important to know about the reasons ...

Erectile Dysfunciton and a Broken Heart

Sexual problems might mean you have a broken heart, literally. Recent research has shown that erectile dysfunction might be a sign of underlying heart disease. How exactly are the two related is still a matter of investigation. The older view was that atherosclerosis (fat deposition within ...

Prevention Of Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are known to the mankind since antiquity. Lot of innovations have been done in treating the kidney stones, but there is a very little knowledge regarding the stone formation and how it can be prevented. Daily water intake is one of the important factors in the prevention of kidney ...

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