Endometrial Ablation Treatment

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Irregular periods

I have irregular periods due to PCOS and I was advised to have primolut for 3 days.. In how many days will I get periods?

Pcos and thyroid

11 th day I tested follicular study...Report is left 11mm x 9mm,12mm x 10mm..Is it normal or not?

Looking for Breast increment

My breast size is very small. I am Looking for Breast increment. Can you please suggest, how do I can increase. Or suggest me good doctor for consultation

Kya surzery krwaani padegi

Dear dr, My cyst size is 9.5 cm× 11.1 cm with fluid filled seen in right ovar... What I am doing dr

About periods

How many days can a periods be extended and how about if i want to have a periods within a day or two is there any medicine to get periods.