Endometrial Ablation Treatment

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Period comes within 1 week after ECP

Before one week my periods gone but taking pills and after a week periods again come is everything is proper? And how many days these contraceptive pill have an impact in the woman's body? Give me answer fast doc.

Pain in my right ovary

I have been experiencing a pain in my right side below my stomach ever since my last period. This was from 12 th to 17 th of may. What could it be? Its not yet gone. Its been 6 days. I have a lower back pain too. But that could be because of my posture issues, which happens because of working on my laptop

Small size breast

I hv small breast, right now i am gaining my weight but my all fat goes into stomach and breast hadn't grown properly as it should be

Late periods

My wife has been having late periods for the past two months, since we have been trying to conceive. Is it normal?

Irregular periods

I hv been in periids from last 18 days n nw my legs r becoming lifeless pls suggest me why is it happwning i hv nt taken ny pill m mother of 2 yr baby girl my age is24