Endometrial Ablation Treatment

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Missed my menses

Last period was n 4 nov and now 7 days has been passed, yet my period was not started....not able to guess my problem

Confirmation abt medicine

LMP was 22nd July. Taking medicine gestofit 300 sr, innovfol is it ok? Kindly advise? Also taking calcium and iron tablet

Postpone menstruation

I have some prescribed medication for postponing menstruation. But i want to know if there is a specific time when  i have to start taking it. My doctor told me to start on 1st Dec and continue till 21st. But my date is on 8th. Should i wait till 8th and then start the medication?

Pregancy with hypothyroid

My TSH is 5.18 and T3 T4 are within limit. I am in medication of 50 MCG thyronorm.For conceive should i increase my dose?

Periods for only 2 days

Actually since last three times,I am having periods only for 2days,generally my period cycle lasts for 3days. Does it is a matter of any heath issues?