Endometrial Ablation Treatment

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Family operation

Hi doc My frnd is 27yrs she had two kids nd done family operation now they want a girl child is it posibble with ivf for them or any other way plz let ne know

I have a cyst in my right

58x52mm cyst in my right ovary is tat required surgical treatment or its means a cancer or it can be treated by medicines and after this can i concieve baby after this

Breastmilk expression

I delivered 4 months back..want to know which is better for expresssing breastmilk...manual expression with hand or through breastpump..kindly tell the pros and cons of both.. Which method of bm expression helps in increasing milk supply?

Diane 35 and isotretinoin

Recently i took Diane 35 for pcod. I also have skin issues so is it safe to consume isotretinoin immediately after diane 35!?

Mid-time bleeding

Hi, I am having an irregular periods. After taking 2 courses of novelon medicine I have got my periods regular. My last date was 30th October and next expecting date is 27th October. Bt from last 2 days I am having bleeding. What is the reason for that.?