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Rubella test

A week ago I got myself tested for Rubella and it came out @ 4.24. I'm planning to start family but diagnosed with pcod.Can anybody explain me my rubella report? Thanks a lot.

I am asthma patient.

I am asthma patient.. And now I planing to conceive for a baby.. How can I safe my baby from jenetic disease asthma??? Plz help me

Missed periods

I have missed my periods since 2 months but my pregnence test is negative what should i do ? i am 23 years old

Post delivery

Now my baby is one year old and delivery is c section. How many years gap s ould be recommended for t e next baby, if first delivery is c section?

Pregnency food

I am 4 months pregnent can i drink carbonated water ( Soda ) if i drink is it effect baby ? Please suggest me