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Not getting periods

Dear Doctor, I visited a gynecologist regarding preponing my periods. I am 29 year old, virgin. My last menses were on 4-7th June. As per the doctor's prescription I took Deviry,10mg, from 15-20June,twice. but still have not got my periods and have my wedding in next 3 days, Kindly advice in what can be done to avoid periods from 3 July

Pain in abdomen

I have a pain in left side of my stomach near pelvic region with gas trouble. What could be the reason. The pain persists from four days.

Pain in breast

I have been experiencing pain in my breast and I always get a wound around my breast once in a month which causes a lot of pain.

Proscribed provera

My girl friend has been prescribed provera 5mg with the aim to prolong her period. After reading up online it says that provera does the opposit. Also is provera bad for her?

Consult a gynocologist

I having very less periods and flow of period also very few. Usually i had heavy flow. I used to take Yasmin medicine last two months. I am lit bit warried about flow and quantity of less periods.