Endometrial Ablation Treatment

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Irregular periods

No periods for 3 months. Last period occurs at november end, and till date no periods. And also I'm also gaining weight

Delay in menstrual cycle

Hi.. i generaly have 25 days average menstrual cycle. 1st day of last period was 28 jan 2017...but till now i havent got period yet. r there any chances of pragnancy. we are even trying for pragnancy.

Facial hair growth

I am suffering with facial hair problem. PlZ suggest some thing to remove it without laser treatment

After taking pills bleeding problem

My period date is 26th. I took pills on 8 feb, and on 13th feb i suffer bleeding problem, it continued for 5 days. Now bleeding stops i thought my period starts early but on 25th feb i again start bleeding. I dont understand whats wrong going with me. I am very nervous i dont understand what can i do now. Pls suggest me

Conceiving issues

I and my partner are daily trying every way for baby since 2 month, but she is not missing her period. We both are stressed now. Kindly help