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RH factor report Test

I had attached report for my wife RH as she is 'AB -' blood group. Do she need to take ruogam injection. Thanks .

Irregular periods

I skip my periods for about 3 to 4 months. in december 2016 i got periods but flow was very less and after that i skipped periods till now.

Irregularity in periods

I hv periods every month but this month flow is not like earlier.. Flow is very slow or u say irregular.. Earlier my periods was for 6 days.. Bt this month 8th day going on.. Please tell me why this is happening... I am unmarried...

Pain in feet hands n feel weakness

In starting march i felt weakness acid in mouth light body aches sometimes in hands arms legs feet and fingers bloating food fullness.. did preg test but it was negative.. now taking medication.. my gynae prescribed me some medicines including multivitamin antacid . Now that bloating fullness feeling is no more.. but when i wake up feeling hand stiffness swollen hands and feet have burning pain in them.. finger tips also are paining.. sometimes amstomach also start aching.. feel folds in stomach.. during day also hands feel swollen..

Smelling white discharge

Too much of White discharging which is Smelling very bad. Stomach pains frequently comes.?.............