Endometrial Ablation Treatment

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Missed period

Missed my period date. I m not preg.50 years old women. Till my ladt cycle....always fix schedule of periods. This time tsh hormones r very high .

Scanty periods

I was prescribed to take krimson35 tablet for contraception,on the 7 thday from the last tablet I got my periods but it's scanty why

Care of in pregency

I want care pegrency time all.c are Eating and walking sleeping working and any C are guide me ,..., ,...

Ansta kit capsule

I have took medicine for abortion ankta kit pill but bleeding start slowing slowing for one day that stopped.Pls advise

Prolactin level

I am a female .My prolactic level is 9.88 ng/ml What does it mean? Does it mean infertility?