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Aculip H with chicken pox?

Can i take antidepressants like aculip H during chicken pox as i am taking it. And i cnt sleep without it. Please rply soon as its urgent. Thankyou

Vitamin b12 level

Hi I was Vitamin b12 and vitamin d deficient. Initially when I did test on 30 Jan 2018 my vitamin b12 level was 119 pg/ml and vitamin d level was 13.9 ng/ml. Post that I had injections and tablets for both vitamins deficiency. Today I got the tests repeated and presently my vitamin b12 level is 1405 pg/ml and vitamin d level is 47.43 ng/ml. I am now worried about high vitamin b12 levels. Should I stop medications for both vitamins. And wat is risk of high vitamin b12 levels

Coughing from 4 weeks

4 weeks before I played cricket in basement which was dirty and apply. The next day I started coughing. The cough was thick and green. It was consistent for 2 weeks and then it decreased. After almost a month it is still there but 4-5 times a day and is white mostly. I have no.other problems other than this. I cough when I am eating or trying to laugh.

Dog biteee

Dog bites me on thirteen janurary and take 1 vaccine on sixteen january and take four vaccine out of five and dog is alive today . Can I have any risk of rabies.i got my third vaccine one day late. When i think about rabies i feel symtoms but this is only at night

Severe leg pain

I am anitha, 38 years old. From some day I am feeling tired than earlier. I am not interested in work also. Feeling that I have no balance if I m not hold anything especially while traveling in bus. Too much leg pain muscles. I showed to our family doctor he told that u have less blood. And given some folic acid red colour tablet for 30 days.

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Regular Exercise: Way to Health for All

The slogan of the WHO World Health Day 2018 is “health for all.”  The idea of “health for all” aligns well with providing access to exercise to everyone. Exercise is a key part of a healthy body and lifestyle. Exercise really is about a long-term investment in your own health. ...

4 Signs That Say You Have IBS

Know important 4 features of Irritable Bowel Syndrome:Irritable Bowel syndrome-IBS Awareness Month- April.Do you have the ABCs of Irritable Bowel Syndrome?Abdominal Cramping BloatingCrampingDiarrhoeaApril is an IBS awareness ...

5 Important Dietary Tips When Diagnosed With Jaundice

5 things to Avoid once diagnosed with Jaundice-Butter Chicken, Noodles, Paranthas, Daal Makhani & Potato Chips. Why am I being negative to start with? The caring attendants do yield to the demanding patient as if eating something is better than eating nothing!There are 2 types of ...


Adolescence (the phase of life stretching between childhood and adulthood should be redefined as lasting from ages 10 to 24 rather than the traditional definition of 13 to 19) - Scientists argue in an article published in the Lancet Child and Adolescent Health.Children now reach Puberty ...

Tips to Prevent Anal Fissures

A tear in the linings of the anus in called as Fissure. Any Trauma or Injury which Stretches the anal canal can cause a fissure. Most commonly this is caused by Passing Hard Stools leading to bleeding and pain during passing stool.Acute Anal Fissure heals on its own in almost 6 weeks by ...

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