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Intense hunger

In morning or even during night if I wake up, I can feel intense hunger pang followed by growling sound like some bubbles moving and bursting in my stomach. But that feeling goes away in few minutes or when I go back to sleep again. Why does this keep happening to me and what can I do to fix it. It's very uncomfortable and annoying. Should I eat even in the middle of the night when I am asleep and start feeling intense hunger. Please help me.

Crohn's disease

My sister Chaitali suffering​ from crohn disease. Is there a cure for crohn's disease? What type of diet required?

Burning sensation in food pipe

I am having constant burning sensation in food pipe while eating anything very little spicy also from past one week.

GERD and UTI conditions reamain same

Patient vomitting saliva several times throughout the day after eating almost everything or without eating. patient is female aged :59 years current ongoing medicine on this poblem prescribed earlier : Razo-D daily once blood is coming with stool . insulene intake: 18 unit(morning)--15unit(night) sugar level :fasting :200/PP-250 blood pressure :130/70 current medications for this problems are mentioned below Tab razo 20 mg once daily before bteakfast Tab domstal 10 mg thrice daily before meals Tab emset 8 mg thrice daily before meals condition is not at all improving after taking medications for 1 week

Question about hepatitis B

I had Jaundice in 2009 and since then I am a hepatitis B patient. I consulted a doctor and he told that I need not take medicine as the quantity of virus is very less. Though I took a second opinion from an ayurvedic doctor who cured this disease of my relative. he gave me Himalaya Liv 52 HB and an ayurvedic medicine post which the virus count reduced in the HBV DNA quantitative report from 72 to 20. i took these medicine for 6 motnhs. I stopped taking medicine and got the test done again this month. Now the quantity is 65 iu/ml The same ayurvedic doctor gave me same ayurvedic medicine, live 52 HB (to be taken after lunch and dinner) and Tenofovir disporoxil fumarate RIVOFONET( after breakfast). I want to know if its safe to use these medicines, considering the virus load is 65. how chronic is my disease? shall I undergo some treatment? what should all precautions I take? should i consult a hep B specialist? is 65 high or normal and under control? what is the threshold?

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Dr. Ravishankar Bhat - Gastroenterologist
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Dr. Muralidhar S. Kathalagiri - Laparoscopic Surgeon
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Dr. Rajshekhar N - Laparoscopic Surgeon
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Dr. Tulip Chamany - Bariatric Surgeon
Dr. Tulip Chamany Bariatric Surgeon (MBBS, MS - General Surgery, Fellowship in Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery, Fellowship in Bariatric Surgery) 21 years experience Dr. Tulip's Obesity & Diabetes Surgery Centre
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