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Fever and weekness

Respected DR. I have suffering fever last 3 Days and also take treatment from doctor.I also done CTC and doctor said me to that you not heaving Maleriala, and take the only following tablet,#Dolo 650 and Azee 500 takeing last two day but I not get relif from fevar and weekness. Please review attached Report and give your valuable suggestion.

Unknown problem

My dad sometimes find difficult to stand on feet or walk. He walk like old man and says stifness in stomach pain near lower back sometimes upper back not at fixed place. Sometimes he is ok all normal and walks properly. As he stands up he burps too much and find easier to walk. He states this problem triggered after it was not immediate, he was picking up bullet bike and when returned home this symptoms shows. He visited hospital did test diagnosed with mild ulcers in esophagus. Diabetes is normal under control. Even after taking medicines for more than month this problem continues. Unable to understand problem. But there is too much burps. He wakes in night sit and burps continuously and find difficulty in getting continue sleep. Sometimes its normal. He stopped eating dairy and rice. One day he ate rice and milk problem worsen. Is this problem related to gas or nerves due to accident on bike? Is gas trapped in his body but unable to release it properly? Is there continues generation?

Cramp in mussle of leg

Continuously 3 days I have a cramp and feel unbearable pain in my leg . Penkiller reduce pain for sometime then again it is back. What to do? Please suggest.

Dengue with platelets 50000 and fever

My father has 104 fever from last 3 days now he is admitted n his platelets are 50000 he is also having kidney problem ,diabetes n heart problem .now his fever cums to 100 my concern is whether 50000 is on safer side for this kind of patient or its serious because platelets are not increasing from 2 days

ESR is High

My mum has ESR high range of 55 mm/hr for 1st hour and 93 mm/hr for 2nd hour. She is suffering with joint pains and leg pains and both hand finger pains. Sugar test is normal. Could you please advise on this.

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Dry Eye Syndrome.

Dry Eye Syndrome is a part of Ageing Process and it may affect our youth also.It is due to lack of lubrication & Moisture on the surface of eyes.Did someone say that Shedding Tears can be Healthy for our Souls !Keep eyes moist and there are ways to do so with or without eye ...

Too Many Tablets?

What is Polypharmacy, why should it concern you?If you or a family member is taking 4 or more types of medicines then I encourage you to read through this post.I see a lot of senior citizens in my practice and most of them take more than 4 kinds of medication on a daily basis. ...

5 Food Items to Avoid During Fever and Cold

Fever takes less time to Recover & to come back to Normal self if Diet Therapy,Rest and plenty of water is part of treatment along with Relevant Medicines. Mothers/Caretakers yield in to demands of baby/adults/seniors who are asking for --1)Noodles-At least the ...

Dengue - the Urban Menace

It is a painful mosquito-borne disease troubling the tropical societies to its fullest. Transmitted by the Ades Agypti group of mosquito. In the beginning, it manifests as any common viral infection. Symptoms of Dengue fever Symptoms begin to appear usually after 4 to 6 ...

7 Facts About Asthma That You Must Know!

  Asthma is a disease of the airways that makes breathing difficult. It causes inflammation of the air passages that result in the temporary narrowing of the airways that carry oxygen to the lungs leading to asthma symptoms.1 . Who is prone to asthma?Childhood asthma is ...

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