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Pcod problem ( irregular periods )

By maturity onwards ...I have irregular periods...and my marriage completed 10 years...and doctor diagnosed ( pcod ) problem...and ,I have thyroid , tell me where I have to consult doctor...whether I can get pregnantr or not...?my current weight is 85

Diabeties problem

My mother age 55 suffer from sugar.yesterday sugar level was 414.please suggest some medicine to low down sugar level

Irregular periods

I was diagnosed with PCOS and my doctor put me in duphaston for 3 months and while on it my period duration was 3 days in comparison to when i was not on it. I used to have 7 days with normal flow. Now its been almost 2 months i stopped duphaston but haven't gotten my period in these two months. Please advice. I'm worried and keep thinking if I will ever be able to conceive. I'm not yet married.

Diabetic neuropathy and reddish wound

My mother is 49 and she has diabetes for 15 years. Recently, about a month back she started feeling burning sensation in legs. Local doctor said it is diabetic neuropathy. The doctor said that the cure comes only when blood sugar level falls within range. She has 120 before meal and 200 after. Reddish spots started to appear in her legs. Now it is everywhere below her knee till the feet. Burning sensation has become worse. I am very worried. What could be done to make her feel better ?? Pls help

Thyroid values

I have tested thyroid and values are as bellow, can you please help me to understand, do I need to take any medicine , or is it can be cured by some diat. T3 (Total), serum by CMIA 2.30 ng/mL T4 (Total), serum by CMIA 12.42 µg/dL TSH(Ultrasensitive), serum by CMIA <0.01

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Over 2.5 Crore Kids & Teenagers Will Be Obese by 2025 - WHO Report

Obesity screening in youth a must!!Excess body fat has become a rampant problem even in our children and adolescents. Government healthcare organizations in USA have urged doctors to routinely measure body weight of youth at clinical visits,starting at the age 6 year onwards. ...

Is Your Child Really Underweight?

Weight gain is a universal concern. All parents want their kids to be healthy and an appropriate weight is very reassuring to most parents because  this means that their kid is growing & developing in a healthy way. However there are many misconceptions in the society regarding weight ...

Why Feces Isn’t Shit: The Brain in Your Gut

Am I completely out of my mind to literally call "shit" as "not shit"? The end product of our body which we get relieved off every morning is the excretion of our digestive system. We have seen people following cows while grazing for dung in India. The utility of ...

Who Should Not Eat Carbs?

Doctor I do not eat aaloo, I do not eat chaval still sugars are going wayward?  The diabetic diet is a dilemma for even a diabetic . People spend their whole lifespan visiting doctors and they still ask about the dietary advice.What is the mystery behind ...

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Women have a common problem of unwanted hairs over chin, upper lip, chest lower abdomeni.e where they never wanted to have. Young girls with increasing waist, rising weight and greasy black neck and dark armpits are common these days. Trauma begets trauma , pain begets pain ...

Dr. Shankar Kumar - General Physician
Dr. Shankar Kumar General Physician (MD - Internal Medicine, MBBS, Post Graduate Diploma in Endocrinology) 27 years experience Manipal Hospital
997 recommendations Old Airport Road, Bangalore INR 650
Dr. Arpandev Bhattacharyya - Diabetologist
Dr. Arpandev Bhattacharyya Diabetologist (MBBS, MD - Medicine, DNB - General Medicine, MRCP (UK), CCST - Diabetes & Endocrinology, DM - Endocrinology, FRCP) 26 years experience Manipal Hospital
380 recommendations Old Airport Road, Bangalore INR 750
Dr. Vageesh Ayyar S - Endocrinologist
Dr. Vageesh Ayyar S Endocrinologist (MBBS, MD - General Medicine, DM - Endocrinology, DNB - Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism) 17 years experience Krishna Dhama
97 recommendations Indiranagar, Bangalore INR 600
Dr. Anantharaman.R - Endocrinologist
Dr. Anantharaman.R Endocrinologist (MD - Medicine, DM - Endocrinology, MBBS) 9 years experience Magna Centres For Obesity, Diabetes & Endocrinology
1424 recommendations BTM Layout, Bangalore INR 500
Dr. Shivaprasad C - Endocrinologist
Dr. Shivaprasad C Endocrinologist (MBBS, MD - General Medicine, DM - Endocrinology) 8 years experience Vydehi Hospital
19 recommendations Whitefield, Bangalore