Chickenpox Treatment

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Constant Head Ache

I always have 7 or more headache in a month.And when i trevel in a car i start vomiting and headache can u tell me what the problem

Ferritin levels at 9.78 ng/mL

Hi there, I am a 41 year old Female, recently I did a ferritin (chemiluminescence) test and my results show my Ferritin levels at 9.78 ng/mL. This is lower than the minimum levels so I would like to consult a Haematologist to get the right advise on safe iron supplements to bring my ferritin levels up.

Scar on skin

Scar on my upper lip Which was effect by mixed detergent and eating soda Now it is become old scar...

Uncomfertable of body

I've been experiencing weird body problems which I cant even explain , my parts of body doesn't make a right moments many a times Especially my legs, waist , n neck part , I'm feeling very uncomfortable in my own body , I don't feel as I use to feel earlier. Even my face feels uncomfortable . uncomfortable like in my face muscles , jawline etc , my face feels weak. I can't even able to make expressions n due to these problems I'm been very depressed n worried bout myself , coz I'm not able to find Dr. For this thing . plz help me ! 😟

Consumption of Rum(alcohol) ??

How much consumption of Rum(alcohol) is good for a 27 years old man ?? My husband is drinking more than two packs on daily basis (each pack 30ml) & he is telling me that this much good for his health but i am not satisfied with him.. So plz reply me ASAP to clear my doubts. Thanks

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Vitamin D Deficiency

Finding Vit D Level low in your test results is quite common and one should maintain his or her Vit D Level as 30 I.U. as per standard measuring parameter. It can be corrected by taking weekly sachet or tablet of 60k power Vit D on empty stomach early in the morning as people same way as people ...

Obsessed About Food or Eat Healthy ?

Neutraceutical is term used for eating foods which are beneficial to us like medicines ( Pharmaceutical). There is no need to give iron / calcium /B complex tablets to healthy adults. Example is Haldi in our kitchen which is beneficial as antioxidant,has anti ...

From Family Planning to Family Welfare!

A Person is a Person through other people,so says a Zulu phrase.A Father of daughters only with No Son learns to Stay connected within his peer group,though with difficulty initially and appreciation afterwards when he starts giving No importance to targeted remarks about who will ...

Lemon and Its Sister Citrus Fruits Do Help to Ward Off Stress.

Sisters of lemon are Oranges, Mausami,Keenu,Small Sweet Oranges from Spain called Satsumas etc.Lemon is easy to grow at home in a pot.Lemon & Stress ? Since lemon juice takes care of Prevention of Diseases, one feels No need to visit a doctor !1) Fresh Lemon Juice ...

What Are Steroids and Why They Are Important?

Steroid  are hormone,any of the group of hormones that belong to the class of chemical compounds known as steroids,they are secreted by 3 steroid glands- adrenal cortex,testes and ovaries-and during pregnancy by placenta.All of the above are under direct control of Higher Powers- the ...

Dr. Ravishankar Reddy C. R. - General Physician
Dr. Ravishankar Reddy C. R. General Physician (MBBS, MD - General Medicine, DNB (Neurology)) 24 years experience Marvel Speciality Hospital And Fertility Centre
660 recommendations Koramangala 1 Block, Bangalore INR 500
Dr. Shankar Kumar - General Physician
Dr. Shankar Kumar General Physician (MD - Internal Medicine, MBBS, Post Graduate Diploma in Endocrinology) 27 years experience Manipal Hospital
952 recommendations Old Airport Road, Bangalore INR 700
Dr. Jaya Bajaj - General Physician
Dr. Jaya Bajaj General Physician (MBBS, ABFM) 12 years experience Vera Health
1435 recommendations Kundalahalli, Bangalore INR 400
Dr. Taher Hussain Assadi - General Physician
Dr. Taher Hussain Assadi General Physician (MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine) 29 years experience Nisa Multispeciality Clinics
2571 recommendations BTM Layout 2nd Stage, Bangalore INR 400
Dr. Rajeev Gupta - Internal Medicine
Dr. Rajeev Gupta Internal Medicine (MBBS, MD - General Medicine) 13 years experience Shraddha Healthcare And Nursing
193 recommendations Koramangala 1 Block, Bangalore INR 350