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Loss of hair

Actually2i m suffering from continuous hairfall and increasing day by day n bit itchness on scalp please check

Skin and hair

I have problem without my hair. I am loosing so much hair. Please let me know how to grow my hair. Suggest any medicine or shampoo. For skin I have black ring formed on my forehead and on my back. Dermatologist told me that because of sun allergy, I have used some medicine and ointment but it reoccurs. Please suggest me on this as well.

Acne and dark spots on my face

I’ve a lot of dark spots acne on my face, it’s 7 months now and medications have no results. Um using sebionx trio/ sebium global/ avene cleanance gel/ other creams but no improvement. My doctor said it is psychological. But I can’t get out of home because of my gets worst and darker :(


Any permanent solution for urticaria. Been suffering from this for past 8-9 years. Avoided food allergens but still getting the allergy Using xyzal. It makes me drowsy.

I have skin spots and burning sensation

Only in my body I have burning sensation of skin and skin spots and it's very itchy wat could be the problem it's been for 5days

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Pain-free Hair Free Laser Hair Removal: No More Hairy Woes!

Most of us go to great extents to preserve and care for our hair, but we Indians are inherently quite hairy, just that it’s all in the unwanted places! Jokes apart, unwanted hair is quite a problem we battle in our everyday lives. However, with Vitals Klinic offering the best laser hair ...

Hair Care Tips

Here are 11 hair care tips:Tip 1: Dandruff is dead cells shed off regularly from scalp skin. If not cleaned regularly it accumulates and causes itching, infection. Regular hair shampoo is advised to maintain clean hygienic scalp. Medicated Anti Dandruff shampoo also controls ...

Treatment for Excess Sweating

Sweating/ Hyperhidrosis:Sweat is produced normally by the body and it also helps in keeping cool and helps in waste removal. However, only people with excessive sweating know how awful it can be with constant sweating in the armpits, groins, and feet with no reason (anxiety, warm weather, ...

Protect Your Hair From Monsoon in 6 Easy Ways

With the onset of monsoon, you will find yourself thinking twice before you step out of the house. Here are 6 ways you can protect your hair from damage this monsoon- Try and avoid getting your hair wet in the rain.The pollutants in the rain may weaken the hair bulb, making ...

Biostimulated Fue Hair Transplant

What is FUE Hair transplant?Follicular Unit Extraction is most widely used and the most reliable method of hair transplant being utilized for the permanent and scar-less restoration of hair. FUE is so effective surgical method that it is impossible to distinguish transplanted hair from ...

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