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Regarding testies

It is observed that on arousal my testes tend to move upwards and tend to pull out of scrotum and into the bladder. However I don't feel any pain or much discomfort or any other problem .is it normal .I am really worried.pls help

Hd unprotected intercours

Sir i just wanted to ask i had sex with my girl friend 8 hrs back and i thought dat may be a drop or 2 remains inside in between the intercourse so should i give ocp to her or not plss help

Premature ejaculation

I'm unmarried.. Going to marry in 1 month..I do masturbation and I feel like I ejaculates within 1 minute.. Is it curable..??? Pls guide me and prescribe me appropriate treatement...I'm masturbating since 13-14 yrs...

Prostate enlargement prob

Hi , my father has enlarged prostate of size 5.7x6.1x5.9. can you suggest whether he should operate or it will reduce size with medicine. Symptoms like frequent urinatio n in night.

Discomfort in scrotum(R)

I feel a little discomfort in right side scrotum and thigh region as if some nerve is stretched. I consulted a sexologist. He suggested to consult a urologist and also suggested for a scan. Please advice . I dont have any urinary problem.

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Urinary Incontinence - What You Need to know...

Urinary incontinence is a health condition in men and women, which causes loss of bladder control. Urinary incontinence usually occurs in cases of medical conditions such as an enlarged prostate, urinary tract infection, Parkinson's disease and diabetes, and may also occur after a prostate ...

Do We Need to Worry About the Prostate Disease? No!

Current clinical observation for men with prostate related symptoms:Patients need to be assured that, most prostatic symptoms are age related issue, which SELDOM REQUIRES SURGERY AND RARELY BECOMES CANCEROUS.Even in event of prostate cancer (if diagnosed later), it is a slow ...

Does Masturbation Cause Male Infertility?

Does masturbation causes infertility in men? The simple answer to this is ‘No’. Masturbation is referred to the stimulation of own genitals for sexual arousal. This in no way can hinder the changes of fathering children. However, if a couple is planning to have a baby, the male partner, ...

Easy Diet to Prevent Kidney Stones

Plenty of oral liquids predominantly water goes a long way in preventing stone formation. Water intake on an average should be about 2 to 2.5 liters a day, distributed uniformly throughout the day. One should take a balanced diet avoiding excess of any food elements and try not skipping or ...

7 Deadliest Male Fertility Killers

Infertility is a serious problem of recent time, it is more serious than you might actually imagine. The number of couples suffering from infertility related issues is increasing day by day. The reason behind it is yet of be established firmly. Some may blame the indiscipline and disorganized ...

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