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Eyes rednes..muscle fatigue .lose of a

Hi i am a student of ist year Mbbs from 4 5 months my skin show blackness and now froem 6 7 days i feel muscle fatigue ..eyes redness..and skin change a colour in every 4 5 hours and also a slow fever and feeling a slow pain in stomach and also lose of appitude ..plxx tell me the problm

Reason for Anemia?

My mother becomes anemic (hb of 5.5 mg/dl) recently. she had done AVR couple of times and on warfarin tablet. she is diabetic for the past 20 yrs. we confirmed there is no internal bleeding after taking stool test and endoscopy. we did 3 units of blood transfusion. But again hb count came down from 10.2 to 8.6 in a week. What should we do next?

Food diet after chicken pox

I had chicken pox. It's 24 days now. My blisters have dried up. But i have small pimples on forehead. Can i chicken soup non spicy... Now. .. or how long should I skip chicken in my food diet

Health problems

I have feel fevering last 10 days . But when I mesure my fever by thermomiter, there is no fever . With fevering I feel body pain amd stress. What is my problem ?

Chickenpox(Varicella) Blood Test

Hi, I do not remember, in past i got chickenpox or get immunised by vaccination. Questions: 1). Is chickenpox life threatening disease? Dead can be possible? 2). How would i know, i am immune or not? For chickenpox virus. Please suggest some blood test. Thank you!

Health Feed
5 Important Dietary Tips When Diagnosed With Jaundice

5 things to Avoid once diagnosed with Jaundice-Butter Chicken, Noodles, Paranthas, Daal Makhani & Potato Chips. Why am I being negative to start with? The caring attendants do yield to the demanding patient as if eating something is better than eating nothing!There are 2 types of ...


Adolescence (the phase of life stretching between childhood and adulthood should be redefined as lasting from ages 10 to 24 rather than the traditional definition of 13 to 19) - Scientists argue in an article published in the Lancet Child and Adolescent Health.Children now reach Puberty ...

How to Deal With Exam Stress

Exam stress affects most students in varying ways. It is important to manage this stress and find little ways of helping to eliminate the risk of burnout.For some students, exams can be a breeze; revision is second nature to them and they could ace an exam with their eyes closed. But for others, ...

Hypnosis: A Way to ‘Master Your Mind’

“Mind is everything. All that we are is the result of what we have thought. What we think we become”.As these words of the wise rightly say, it is our thoughts that make us feel the emotions and certain reactions in the body at any particular moment. If we think of good things we ...

Til Gul Ghya God God Bola

Hello Everyone, a very happy Makarsankranti to all of you. This health feed is to make you aware of the importance of TIl Gul (sesame with Jaggery) and its relevance as health Promotion. The very first question that comes to our mind is why Til Gul and nothing else. The logic lies in ...

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Dr. Prabhat Kumar General Physician (MBBS) 48 years experience Patients First (A Unit of Shraddha Health Care)
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