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Allergic Sinus

Allegic Sinus and polyps Symtoms: Headache,Constipation, Watery Eyes ,Running Nose,Acne,pimple and Boils on face and shoulder,weakness,Weak memory. My last blood test report conclusion are unders which was taken on 9 Feb 2017: Total EOSNIOPHIL COUNT:273 Serum Alk. Phosphate:166 IGE:1498 TSH:1.17

Recurrence cough whole year

I' have been cough with sputum whole year since 5 yrs, local medication wont work. doctor says may be food allergy. my ige is 277 iu/ml, please advice

Severe cough and throat pain

I am having servere coughing and throat pain from past 2 days. The condition is worse during night when I go to sleep. I used to cough whole night. There is a feeling of irritation in the throat like some particle is stuck. I couch so badly that I start sweating.

Weather change illness

Dear sir I suffer always when weather change, headache, sore throat, dizzy, low energy, and stomach upset etc so please suggest me what should I do. Basically i am suffering from childhood so i not able to live normal life suggest me what should I do


I got deficiency in two vitamins i.e.. Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3. The symptoms are present since two months. No energy at all. I am not fully recovered. If I do some work like normal walking, i am fainting. Some unexplained fatigie. Now I doubt wether it is due to vitamin deficiency or something else is there. I am usually very active, now i can't able to walk properly only. Please help me what it might be.

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Food Allergies

FOOD ALLERGIESReactions to food are common. These reactions range from mild to severe, and may result from your body's negative response to certain foods or from a true food allergy.Common allergic foods in our Indian children based on personal experience are Nuts ,Milk, Shell ...

Ward Off Asthma With Proper Management of the Disease

WorkupEvaluation of patients with asthma should include a history with questions about seasonal increases in pulmonary symptoms; other allergic symptoms; exposure to tobacco; and exposure to allergens at home, at work, or outdoors.Initial work up for asthma should includea) ...

Inhalers - Lifestyle Accessory?

Changing demographics, ever increasing air pollution, air conditioned houses and different dietary habits have increased the prevalence of Asthma. This has resulted in Inhalers being given out almost as a lifestyle Accessory.Statistics: About 25% of children in Bangalore have asthma. ...

Health Tips for Kids to Beat the Heat This Summer and Build Immunity

During summer, our body becomes hotter, muscle enzymes speed up and burn glycogen more rapidly, depleting stores of the sugar that your muscles use for fuel. Hence it is necessary to make the child drink plenty of fluids that would help hydrate the muscle and skin adequately in order to maintain ...

10 Tips To Keep Your House Asthma Proof

Like many people you probably have a deep emotional connect with your home. It is a place to relax, after long hours at the work. That is why it is important that this place is not only comfortable, but safe to live in.If you are suffering from Asthma, there is nothing worse than ...